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Birthplace : St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Citizenship : United States


Pavlov`s Dog`` are one of the most famous American rock bands, successfully combining in his work of art -rock and rock - pumps. At the beginning the team was called `` High on a Small Hill`` and consisted of David Surkampa (guitar, vocals), Jeff Benson (guitar, vocals), Rick Stockton (bass, vocals) and Tom Keller (drums) . After a string of substitutions as part of a group called `` Pavlov`s dog``.

At the time of recording their debut album, it consisted of vocalist David Surkamp ,Doug Reybon (mellotron, flute), bassist Rick Stockton, keyboardist David Hamilton, guitarist Steve Skorfina, drummer Mike Sefron and cellist Siegfried Kerver. Mike Sefron, one of the major composers of the group, began his career as a percussionist in the 15 years Elbert King, then worked with Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley. Besides,in the work on the first disc `` Pavlov`s Dog`` participated and several guest musicians.

The card of the ensemble became a vocalist David Surkamp : his unique voice and the skillful use of falsetto can instantly distinguish between `` Pavlov`s Dog`` from other groups. The first album, Pampered menial,released in 1975, contained a clear hit `` Julia`` and well sold.

The music and singing was largely inspired by classical music, there were combined traditional rock instruments with original violin Kervera and became by then already familiar in rock mellotron. The album quickly became the `` platinovoy`` and received a good response even in the British press.

The second album, At the Sound of the Bell, which consisted of nine tracks, has not taken part Kerver and Sefron. But in the group appeared rhythm guitarist Thomas Nikeson. The recording also participated violinist Gavin Wright, male choir ,saxophonists Michael Brecker and Andy McKay, Mike

Ebina and George Gerich (both - the body), as well as Paul Prestopino (mandolin) . In addition, the establishment of the second release of `` Pavlov`s Dog`` attended such a legendary figure as drummer Bill Bruford (as Yes, King Crimson).

Nevertheless, `` At the Sound of the Bell`` has not held up to `` platiny`` ,although `` zoloto`` won. Sure, it`s more commercial work and pompous than the debut album. However, such compositions as `` Try to hang on`` and `` Did you see him cry`` were met in an art -rock coterie very favorably.

Howbeit,major label `` CBS Records`` refused the group and it came under the wing of a small company `` TRC Records``. The group took a new drummer Kirk Sarkisian.

Released in 1977 Third album proved to be the weakest team in the history : Although the music was not bad in itself, but from the former presence of a ghostly shadow of progressive left in it.After the release of this disc `` Pavlov`s Dog`` long silence.

In 1990 Surkamp and Reybon decided to revive the team. What was the surprise of fans, when in 1991 the band released a very good job, Lost in America. The group largely returned to the sound of 1976, except that the saxophone has become even greater. Nevertheless,even the relative success of this work has not kept the musicians return to regular studiynoyrabote.

In the mid-90`s Mike Sefron organized a group of `` Pavlov`s Dog 2000``, in which he was the only member of the original line-up `` Pavlov`s Dog``, and now acted not only as a drummer, but also as a singer. The group pretty much and not without success, to play for the local club.

In 2000, the band released the disc `` End of the world``, containing recycled old material and some new songs.

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