Pavel Prilychnuy

Picture of Pavel Prilychnuy

Date of Birth: 05/11/1987

Age: 29

Place of birth: Shymkent

Citizenship: Russia



Priluchny Paul spent his childhood in the town of Berdsk that near Novosibirsk. 90 years - hard for the Russian people`s time: the collapse of the Soviet Union, economic and political crisis. Even in large cities was a difficult criminal situation, to say nothing of small towns. Berdsk in this regard is often compared to Lyubertsy: rallies, clashes between factions. Most boys dream Berdsk grow up to be criminals - romanticizing this image to a large extent served as the series "Brigada". I was no exception and Paul. Fortunately, his fate has developed well, in contrast to many of his friends, "zagremevshih" later in prison ...

Much of the credit to Paul nowhere "vljapalsja" belongs to his parents. Pope Paul was a boxer, and his mother - a choreographer, to how to download the son, they sent him to do in boxing, and dancing. In addition to boxing and choreography, Paul studied singing: five years, went to the music school, so that the free time he had not had a single minute. As recognized by Paul himself, all these dances and singing heartily hated it - according to others it was "not patsanskie classes." However, parents paid little attention to it, "the will" and continued to stick to their line.

But boxing Paul, quite naturally, loved. "Of course, it was necessary to apply this knowledge in training in practice - he recalls - again in a small town fighting all. And I always reacted harshly on any word addressed to me, Make a half-turn. My problem is that I do not really know how, and now do not know how to talk, if I see cad - just beat ... "At age 14, Paul Priluchny became a candidate for the master of the sport of boxing, and then" tied "with the sport . By the time he had a dozen concussions, and he sensibly decided that his head still in a life useful.

Novosibirsk. Theater

"Tying" with boxing, Paul Priluchny continued choreographing, but in 16 years and had to quit dancing. Education in Choreography School was paid, and the money has been difficult in the family: the Pope was not too early, and his mother continued to raise three children (Paul`s brother and sister) alone.

After school, Paul learned not an actor in the Novosibirsk theater school and was accepted into the troupe of local theater "Globe". There he spent two years, played four main roles, the most striking of which were Myshin in the play "White sheep" and opryshky in the musical "NEP" - one of the most popular musicals in which about two hundred people were employed. Further growth in this over, and Paul, knowing this, throwing everything and anything to anyone without saying, went to Moscow.

Moscow. Study. Love

As soon as he arrived in Moscow, Pavel Priluchny had to be noted in the fight. He himself says: "It turned out that I was thrown to the housing - wanted to rent an apartment for the exams in drama school. He went into the real estate company in the Tver, gave 15 thousand rubles bail. I was told to drive in the evening to the metro station "Novoslobodskaya", there I was supposed to wait for the realtor. No I certainly did not expect to spend the night at the station had. I went to the police station, where I was "comforted" I got off light - people give three thousand dollars, and I lost a few thousand. "People like you, half of Moscow - told me. - Come home, "But I do not give up so quickly!. I went to the real estate office, tried in a human to talk to them, but I was told rudeness, I made a real dressing down. When the guards just do not shoot me, I realized that I did not return the money, and stepped back. "

In the capital, Paul Priluchny entered the Moscow Art Theatre School Konstantin Raikin course. The young man got a room in a hostel, started studying. And everything would be fine, but the adjusted, was, life suddenly turned nagryanuvshaya love ...

It was in 2006, Paul Priluchny finishing the first course, when it came to the prom American actress Nikki Reed, star of the movie "Twilight." She came to Moscow to her friend, who studied at the School of the Moscow Art Theater on courses for foreigners. A young boy won the heart of spectacular beauty and overseas, in turn, he lost his head. "I was just blown away. I am so constituted that if falling in love, begin to live for the person himself to him to devote. It`s scary, is wrong, you need to deal with it ", - says Paul.

A week Niki flew back to America. Lovers copied, planning a wedding. For Nicky Paul abandoned his studies in the Moscow Art Theater School, and got a job, hoping to save money. As recognized by the actor himself - he put everything on the card and all ... lost. Once Nicky simply stopped responding to his calls ...

Dock, Maxim and other heroes

Acting Education Paul Priluchny yet received - in 2010 he graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS), the rate of SA Golomazova. By the time Paul was already a well-known actor. After a series of minor roles (bully in the TV series "School