Pavel Ordin

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Date of Birth: 07/29/1964

Age: 52

Citizenship: Russia


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Paul Ordin was born July 29, 1964. In 1987, the future actor graduated from the Yaroslavl Theater School in the specialty "actor drama theater and cinema." After that, Paul served in the National Russian Drama Theater of the city of Yoshkar-Ola, then - in the Kaluga Drama Theatre Lunacharsky.

After moving to the capital, Paul Ordin collaborated with several theaters: Moscow Regional Chamber Theatre, the Moscow Drama Theatre "On Perovskoy", Moscow Art Theatre. Gorky. Among the most famous performances with Paul Ordina: "Farewell to Mothers" - the role of Petrukha, "Years of Pilgrimage" - role gunner.

Film career

The first appearance of Paul Ordina in the world of cinema took place in 1987 in the film "Nicholas Podvoisky", where the actor was involved only in the episode. Paul then permanently retired from the cinema in the theater actors. It was only in the mid-2000s actively returned to the cinema first episodic participation in the filming of such series as "Request Stop 2", "ambulance", "Airport", "adjutants of love", "Law & Order: Criminal Intent -1 "," Platinum "," lawyer-4 "and many others.

Among the most significant works of Paul Ordina actor may be called the role of Uncle Bones in children`s adventure film directed by Victor Volkov "Three to carronade Square", where the actor starred in a truly stellar team: Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Tatyana Konyukhov, Gennady Yukhtina. The film tells the difficult fate of the boy Slavka left without father and tolerates bullying classmates. But once Slavkina dream come true, she and her mother went to Sevastopol, where his real friends were.

Paul Ordin organic in films of any genre. Fulfilling the role of the second plan, he thus creates the necessary "base" on which the directors impose a game popular actors of the Russian cinema. V2010-2011 years he has starred in films and television series, "Invisible Man" (the investigator), "Chas Volkova" (Jurin), "cop-in-law 4" (Kuleshov).


1987 Nikolai Podvoisky

1993 Road to Paradise / The Road to Paradise

2001 Request Stop 2 - series

2003 Ambulance - series

2005 adjutants of love - series

2006 Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode -1-

2007 Platinum - series

2007 Attorney-4 - show

2008 Champion

2008 Three areas with carronade

2008-2009 Red - series

2010 Chas Volkova - 4 - TV series

Invisible 2010 - series

2011 Chas Volkova - 5 - series

2011 cop-in-law 4 - TV series