Pavel Mahotin

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Date of Birth: 02/19/1926

Age: 75

Place of birth: Vyksa

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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stages of life

Makhotin Paul was born in the city of Vyksa, Gorky region in the family servants. In 1928 Makhotin moved to the station Nevashino Gorky region, in 1933 - in Taghshinny village, and in 1934 moved to permanent residence in Moscow.

In 1941, Paul Makhotin graduated from high school and enrolled to study at the Electric Engineering College, after which in 1943 worked as an electrician at the plant.

In 1945, having passed the qualifying contest, Paul Makhotin was adopted as an actor in theater Yermolova, where he worked for many years before retiring.


For the first time at the Paul Makhotin he appeared in 1959 in a fantastic display kinopovesti Victor Morgensherna "i was a satellite of the sun." In those years the country has been waiting for the first flight into space, and the theme of his conquest was incredibly popular. The picture Paul Makhotin starred a young scientist by the name of Andrew, working in just this direction. The topic of space exploration focused on and the second picture with Makhotina - film story "The very first", where the actor played the role of Alexander Kalugin.

Paul Makhotin Especially in demand began in the 70s. Directed by using external data actor, often invited him to the role of the military: General Luchinin in heroic drama "Comrade General," Admiral kinopovesti "Beyond the Clouds - Sky," Vice-Admiral in the adventure film "commander happy" Pike ", a general in the detective "starling and lyre" captain Mikhail Ivanovich in the romantic film "Wind" Hope "... The list is long. The captains and admirals, colonels and generals - virtually every other part of the actor was the military.

When Paul Makhotin ever shoot a military uniform, he battered the role of various government officials. These he has changed too, enough of: Director chemical plant in the comedy "You - I, I - you", a member of the Commission in the film "Days of surgeon Mishkin" regional committee secretary in the film "Youth with us," the prosecutor Pavel in the adventure film "The Place the meeting can not be changed ", organizer of international exhibitions Volodin in the film" life Director ", the chairman of the regional executive committee Pavel in the" Treasure "film and many others.

Pavel died March 1, 2001. He was buried at the cemetery in Moscow, Vvedensky.

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