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Date of birth: 28.01.1985

Age: 31

Citizenship: Russia


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Paul Kraynov come from creative families. His grandfather, Honored Artist of Russia, Peter Demeter, was one of the founders of the famous Roman theater. My mother, Svetlana Kraynova, worked as a financial director of a movie company "Debut". That Paul was a child in touch with the world of cinema, four-starring in the film famous filmmaker domestic V.Abdrashitova "Servant." However, as recognized by the actor himself, about the filming, he has almost no memory ...

In school, Paul Kraynov filmography is not very thought. He was keen, athletic gymnastics, wrestling, swimming, volleyball, football. With 14 years in the historical fencing in the stunt team Costantino Kapustin. That is growing very athletic kid. Subsequently, sports training really helped him: because the actor need to be resilient and plastic ...

From the engineers to the actors

After high school, Paul Kraynov entered the Moscow Aviation Institute, specialty "radio electronics of aircraft." As he admits himself: go there, because the MAI was a military department, and in the army he did not want to. And to go to such a prestigious institution boy helped his own knowledge: after all, the school he studied fine, and in the certificate he had only two fours.

After studying for five and a half years and received an engineering degree, Paul later went to work not by profession, and immediately entered VGIK on the course of People`s Artist of the RSFSR N. professoraVsevoloda Shilovsky. Paul says that at first wanted to learn from Heifits, but he had not seen in 23-year-old young man, "Young shine in the eyes." But Vsevolod Nikolaevich, unlike Heifits, said good texture Kraynova and took it. But at the same Shilovsky he said that he will study very hard. He was right, but it is, in the words of Paul Kra, even better, "because those who Study was easy, had long been working in this profession." A Shilovsky for life remained the most favorite teacher for him ...

Student work in the movie

As a student, Paul Kraynov appeared in small roles in television series "MUR is MUR" and "Persona non grata". Then he worked as a stunt on the set of the famous Russian film, shot in the style of fantasy, "Wolfhound of the Grey Dogs" and also played there a cameo Wolf.

On the set of "Wolfhound" Paul Kraynov met with stunt coordinator Nika Paulo and Gustav Kuselitsa who worked in such films as "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Troy". Soon they invited Paul as part of the stunt team Costantino Kapustin, to take part in the work on the famous historical film "300", the shooting of which took place in Germany.


In 2009 Paul Kraynov graduated from All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography. That same year, the young actor was nominated for the "Golden Mask" for the role of Stanley in "A Streetcar Named Desire", staged at the theater studio of Vsevolod Shilovsky. There Kraynov played several notable works: Colonel Frank Harder in the play "The masculine, singular," Danilo Demurinu in the play "The Cost of Living".

Later Kraynov continued cooperation with Shilovsky already on the basis of private theatrical. Besides the actor has worked with Stanislavsky theater, the theater actor, theater, "Theater of the mansion."

Movie. The first big role

The first filmmakers rated talent Paul Kra, was Alexander Hwang. He entrusted the actor as a "garage" Igor in his series in 2010. Paul Kraynov created the image of a cynical young man, whose love is one of the heroines. The next major work was the role of Artem Vinogradov vosmiseriynogo film of the same Alexander Hwang "Group of happiness", which was released a year later.

Popularity Paul Kraynov came in 2012, when the actor starred in several tapes. In the historical series "Visionary Omar Khayyam. Chronicles Legends ", which put Boris Tokarev and Lyudmila Gladunko, he played Prince Shams, in the high historical series" Marina Grove "- the musician Vadim Loikaw, extravagant man and very temperamental. And at the end of 2012 on the screens out comedy-fantasy-adventure series Eugenia Bedareva "Until flowering fern", where Kraynova hero became a doctor of the expedition in the Far East Max.

It should be noted that Paul did not immediately Kraynov was approved for the role of Max. At first, he did not impress Evgeny Bedareva, and the director said straight out that it was not his role. But then the actor is still invited to the tests, which were unsuccessful.

About his work in this project Kraynov Paul says: "" While the fern blooms "- a very interesting and unusual project. Even when there were trials, I realized that I wanted to be sure to weigh in Eugene Bedareva. Good adventure comedy - a rare phenomenon in our cinema. And then decide to 1,5 months to go on an expedition to the Altai - it`s almost an adventure. And I love adventure! Especially when next to you interesting, multi-faceted and very talented people! Altay we really pulled together, so that work on the project is really easy - close to those with whom you are drowning, running, flying, mock the rain and ate from the same pot ... "While the fern blooms" for me - it is an extraordinary adventure a chance to try a new genre and create a good acting job ... "."


1988 Servant

2004 MUR is MUR - series

2005 MUR is MUR-3 - show

2005 Persona non grata

2006 Game Shindal

2006 Wolfhound of the Grey Dogs

2007 Web-1 - show

2009 Tridevyaty site

2010 Garages

2010 "alibi" for two

2011 Hostages of love

2011 Happiness Group

2012 Visionary Omar Khayyam. Chronicle legend (Iran, Uzbekistan)

2012 Marina Grove - series

2012 While the fern blooms - series

2013 No Rules

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