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Pa & # 769; & # Anat led 769; levich Korca & # 769; hin - Russian archaeologist, researcher of the history of the Urals, known as the author of a number of archaeological discoveries made during the excavation of Russian settlements in the Ural Mountains, belonging to the Middle Ages and modern times. The main area of ??his scientific interests - a complex historical and archaeological study of the Ural cities.

Pavel A. Pavel was born in 1960 in Perm, in the district Gayva. His parents worked on the construction of the Kama hydroelectric station. [1]

In 1986 he graduated from the Perm State University. His supervisors were Prof. VA Oborin (head of the Kama archeological expedition in 1956-1995 biennium) and Associate Professor VV Mukhin. Works VA Oborin and Boris Mironov had a significant influence on the formation of his scientific views. [2]

After graduation, in 1986-1988 he worked as a history teacher at school number 97 in 1988-1989 - senior laboratory cabinet archeology at the History Department of the Perm State Pedagogical Institute in 1989-1991 - an engineer Perm State University Research sector, in 1991-1992 - an assistant of the department of history of the USSR (ibid). November 15, 1994 he entered the graduate school with a degree in "History of Russia". February 15, 1998 appointed as the lead engineer of the Research of the PSU. [2]

27 December 2002 PA Pavel defended a thesis on "History Verkhoturye (1598-1926). Patterns of social and economic development, and the formation of architectural and historical environment of the city. "[3]

Subsequently PA Korchagin held the following positions: [2]

from September 1, 2003 - the assistant of the department of history of the ancient and the new CCGT Russia.

from 1 January 2004 - the senior researcher of the Perm branch of the Institute of History and Archaeology, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.

from January 1, 2004 - the assistant professor of the history of Russian PGPU.

In early 2002, a detachment of the Kama archaeological expedition under the leadership of PA security Korchagin conducted archaeological research on the site of laying yard drainage monument of history and culture - the administrative building of the Office of the Ural Railway, which is located in the district number 39 historical center of Perm (Gorky Street, 1). At the same time at a depth of about 1.5 m was discovered a footbridge made of brick and granite slabs with the adjacent storm sewer. The complex of buildings was dated late XVIII - early XIX century. Supposedly, it was built in the years 1804-1805 under the project and under the direction of Karl Fedorovich Moderaha, the famous engineer and governor of the Perm province in the years 1796-1811, and is thus the oldest known bridge in the city of Perm. [4]

In 2003, studying the archives of Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev, PA Korchagin found evidence that Egoshihinsk smelter, which is considered to be the date of the opening day of foundation of the city of Perm, probably started its activity in 1723 did not, as previously thought, and in 1722 .[5]

In July 2003, during the site excavations on the site of the former stables Egoshihinsk factory, PA Korchagin found fragments of Dutch pipe of the first quarter of the XVIII century, allegedly owned by Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev. Also found during the excavations of porcelain soldier in the form of the middle of the XVIII century and coins of the second half of the XVIII century. [6] [7]

Also PA Pavel participated in the reconstruction of graves in Yegoshikha Cemetery, where many historical figures are buried in Perm. In particular, in 2003, work began on the excavation and restoration of the tomb, where the father and son are buried Smyshlyaeva Dmitry Emelyanovich - merchant, philanthropist and head of the city of Perm in the 1823-1826 biennium; and Dmitri - a well-known historian, ethnographer and Zemstvo [8].


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