Pavel Gronskiy

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Citizenship: Russia


Of the nobility. A large landowner. After graduating from the law faculty of St. Petersburg University, she was left in him to prepare for a professorship. He studied in the libraries and universities of Berlin, Munich, Heidelberg literature on local government. Master of the department of public law, in 1917 a professor of St. Petersburg University, a teacher of the Polytechnic Institute. Cadet, a member of the Central Committee of the Cadet Party since 1916. A member of the 4th State Duma (from the Tver province). His works were published in the journal "right", "Journal of Law", "Provincial Law", "city rights". Since 1914, an active supporter of the slogan "War to victory!"; made long trips to the front, trying to raise the morale of the army. He participated in the All-Russian Land Union and the Russian Union of Cities. There was not a supporter of the separation of the Party of People`s Freedom on the right and left wing: "We should not exaggerate the contradictions existing between the right and left currents within the party ... We are all united in the sense of belonging to a common Russian liberal stream of thought" (NG Dumova The Cadet party during the First world war and the February revolution, Moscow, 1988, p. 73). He was one of the most active speakers Party in the State Duma. So, speaking there February 15, 1917 on the activities of the State Council, said: "This is a unique Russian State practice, when the government annually appoints and dismisses the members of the State Council, the State Council - the upper house of Russian parliament Ability to delete legislators for seditious and illegal... I thought - this is nonsense "(" Speech "1917, February 17th.).

on February 27 at the 1st meeting of the Provisional Committee of the State Duma Gronskii, "a beaming face," according to MM Ichasa, Duma members said that "today at 9 pm, come to the Tauride Palace, the Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich and budetprovozglashen Emperor" (NG Dumova Cadet Party during the First World War and the February Revolution, Moscow, 1988, p. 95) . On the night of February 28, Interim Committee of the State Duma appointed Gronskii Commissioner on Telegraph. March 10 elected as a member of a special commission of the Central Committee of the Cadets for the development of issues related to the convening of the Constituent Assembly (development of the electoral law, the establishment of local elected bodies, drawing up of electoral lists, etc.). The main reason for postponing the elections, the commission considered - "to give time to turn the election campaign to the population referred to elections consciously" (ibid, p 139.). In April the Kadet Party organized short courses on social and political issues (problems of state law, the question of land, labor problem, the principles of local self-government, the question of war) among those who lectured in courses was Gronskii. In the same month she participated in a secret meeting of the so-called private MM Group Vinaver - VD Nabokov in NV Nekrasov, otn