Pavel Gorgulov

Picture of Pavel Gorgulov

Date of Birth: 06/29/1895

Age: 37

Place of birth: Labinsk

Citizenship: Russia


For him it was over early in the morning of September 14, 1932. On the way to the guillotine Gorgulov something else singing - whether "Hostile Whirlwinds", or Russian folk song. Before that, he gave up cigarettes but drank two glasses of rum. I partake of the sacrament by an Orthodox priest.

The execution took place in public in the walls of the Paris prison Sante. However, the uninitiated onlookers were not on the square, and journalists admitted the police drove by guillotine at a respectful distance. When it was over, in things Gorgulov found many sheets of paper covered with writing. He wrote mainly about the imagined, in particular, its own punishment. On it was written in exalted tones and bombastic orchestra performing "Anthem green", given to the scaffold are given military honors, everything happens in the grand hall. In reality, it was nothing.

And Russian and French, and Czechs, 10 years, which provided shelter to the future killer, tried to forget Gorgulov like a bad dream. His senseless and brutal act had no political implications. France has not changed course, Russian emigrants remained in the same position, the world slowly rolled to the Second World War, Soviet agents continued to entangle its network to Europe. Russian Herostrat - doctor, writer and suicide maniac Gorgulov Paul - this is not learned.

The murder of the president of France

May 6, 1932, Paris was stunned by a terrible message: "The shooting of the president!". On this day, 75-year-old Paul Doumer, only the year of the acting president of France, visited the exhibition of books of writers-participants of the First World War. It was assumed that the proceeds from the sale of books to help needy writers. The President has not had time to inspect any stand when he was approached by a tall, thick man, drew his pistol from his pocket and shot several times. Dumer bullets hit in the chest and in the head. The President had taken to hospital, where he died a few hours later.

Paul Doumer (22/03/1857 - 05/07/1932) - French politician. He began his career as a teacher and journalist. He belonged to the radical party. In the 1895-96, 1921-22, 1925-26. - Minister of Finance, in 1905-06 - the chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, in 1927 he was elected President of the Senate. In 1931-32. - President of the Republic. I Had 5 sons, four of whom died at the front in the First World. Sometimes they write that before his death he had come to life and ask: "Why? I did not do anything!".

To eat was arrested at the scene, he was beaten and immediately taken to the police station. Here he chose kapsulki poison, which he wanted to use, and a notebook on the front page that read: "Dr. Paul Gorgulov" and in French, "the head of the Russian National Fascist Party of green that killed the president of the republic." Further, the book went crazy poems about Russia.

During the interrogation Gorgulov himself as a combatant (war veteran), writer and journalist, who read all of Czechoslovakia and the whole world knows. He declared himself a fan of Mussolini and Hitler, and said that the president was shot because France wants to cooperate with the Bolsheviks. Found during a search of his papers contain "a program of the Green Party," which declared that it is necessary to cause a world war in order to overthrow the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia. From these papers carried a mile obsession and insanity.

The French quickly figured out that the "combatant" does not represent any political trend and is lone assassin. The resulting version of the plot was not confirmed. During interrogations Gorgulov showed that earlier wanted to shoot Lenin, in Hindenburg and killed President predecessor. It is generally willing to answer questions, a lot of embarrassment and without talking about himself and his plans. One had the feeling that he was quite satisfied with the fallen down on his attention the fact that the name is not gone from the pages of newspapers (in addition, publishers in Germany, the US and Britain were interested in his novels). Special remorse, he did not show.

Strong same tainted blood was shed felt Russian emigration, which already brought a lot of trouble in Europe. Once in the French Parliament were heard single calls for expulsion from the country of the Slavs in Russian emigre newspapers and magazines from Gorgulov began struggling trying to distance itself, calling him a former Chekist and a paid agent of Moscow.

Russian laundered by suspicion and throw dirt in them in various ways, sometimes with blood. Cvoey. Cornet S.Dmitriev in Paris out of the window, leaving a note: "I`m dying for France", the newspapers wrote: "He decided that the name of the Russian emigration dishonored that heinous act Gorgulov should be washed in his blood." Emigrant press responded about the killer like this: "What would be counter-revolutionary speech, he neither spoke, had been boiled it malice and envy" bars "and" masters ", smerdyakovsky" skrezhetok "against the" scientists "so typical poluintelligentnomu self-taught - the assistant, clerk, national teacher - felt very clearly. "

At this time, I shuddered and Czechoslovakia. And not so much on what happened in Paris, much of what could happen here. The manuscript was found Gorgulov passage where he describes how two years earlier with a gun in his pocket and his own composition, "Son of the nuns" in his hand standing next to President Masaryk, and the intention to shoot his alienated only masarikovskaya disarming smile.

Czechoslovak trail

Gorgulov much tied with Czechoslovakia. Here he lived for almost 10 years: he studied, worked, got married. If his early years spent in Russia, little is known, life in exile covered in more detail and carefully.

Paul T. Gorgulov born June 29, 1895 in the south of Russia, in the village Labinskaya. He studied at the grammar school, then at the Medical Faculty in Ekaterinodar; in 1914 he went to the front with the rank of lieutenant. After less than a year, he was seriously wounded; in war, like, I earned two crosses. Then again I went to the doctor - this time in Rostov, and at long intervals. His life during the Civil War, shrouded in fog. Like, tossing between red and white, gargoyles hit the bandit gang, which became famous for violent and indomitable temper.

Under the whistle of bullets and shells roar rough time he first married. But the marriage of his oppressed; wife was left barely passed the honeymoon. In 1921 he emigrated to Czechoslovakia Gorgulov.

In Prague, he joined the medical department of Charles University and in 1926 graduated with a diploma and the right to own practice. To these years belong his first literary experiments - pretentious and mediocre. In Europe it accumulated while writing a lot of people. Gambling Gorgulov scribbler of letters to her were not allowed, and if need be, and ridiculed. The same, angry and tormented, gave on-mountain piles of manuscripts, which threw Russian publishers in different countries.

The content of the works after the murder Gorgulov Doumer V.Amfiteatrov-Kadashev ironically wrote: "It is - a drama in 5 acts Act I. Head penitentiary raping a beauty-convict Act II Belle-convict sawing throat warden Act III camp..... red in the Kuban. The leader - a liberated convict (eezovut Christa) betrayed the brutality, drunkenness and debauchery. But with the pursuit of global justice. Action IV. The camp is white. The Cossack officers indulge in brutality, drunkenness and debauchery. But without the noble anguish and the desire for global justice . It saddens brother Christi, got to the white mobilization. Action V. The field of battle. The red dashed. Christa runs with "naked gun." But even so amazing weapons will not save her from captivity. In captivity it falls naturally to her brother, who, as previously she cursed her kills. "

But something Gorgulov still managed to publish. In 1925 in Berlin under the significant name of "Paul Brad" was released substantially in interjections of stream of consciousness, called "Dal". In 1929, already in the Czech Republic and with the dedication of President Masaryk, he was released cinematographic novel in five parts "Son of a nun." Were written voluminous (thicker "Anna Karenina") novels "Kazachka Sonia", "Cossack Novel", conceived literary "Skif" magazine. Everything, however, was to no avail: in great literature to join Brad could not and certainly not reached those milestones, which began with the popularity and recognition.

A quote from the writings of Paul Breda "The Secret Life of the Scythians": "I`m Russian. And all that comes from the Russian, certainly daring smells: how - politics as - free-thinking, criticism and all that stuff ... Because ... people we Scythian , Russian. the people we are a strong and bold. Light flip want. Yes, sir. How old the tub. and who is under a tub, the sitting will be? Oh, dear! I do not know. and that is why - finish. and goodbye only will add his tiny izrechenitse: "And yet - violet machine will win!"

Poor things were going well and the medical field and on the personal front. While studying at the university, he married a second time, this time on the Ceske - the daughter of a barber. Again, it was roughly, hastily and passionately. A photograph of his future wife, Emilia Nahashilovoy gargoyle saw in the window of the barber shop, and immediately tried to persuade his father to give the girl for him. He quickly gave way under the pressure, "the former officer, doctor and writer," and with her daughter gave 80 thousand crowns dowry. A few years later, when the money ran out, and the wife tired bedding delights Gorgulov, they parted.

In 1927 Gorgulov moved to Moravia, in the small town of Hodonin, where he opened a private medical practice. Six months later, he married again, this time to the daughter of the headman of the neighboring Prerova. Patients began to avoid him - he was known as a drinker and ladies` man, moreover, was rude to patients. Neighbors have complained of the constant scandals. In 1929 Gorgulov nearly imprisoned for illegal abortions. As a result, it was necessary to move in Prerov.

Here, in the Moravian outback, gargoyles proceeds to create a "green and peasants` party", whose sole purpose was to be the revival of the monarchy in Russia - neither more nor less - carrying out of Gorgulov in kings or, at worst, a dictator. The leader of the "Party" and is the only member of her composing manifesto, languishing in the dominance of small deeds and suffering in obscurity; and yet it describes headdress future "Green Guard" ( "Old Russian Boyar hat, trimmed with fur light-bay") and, supposedly, invents a mechanism similar to a propeller karlsonovskogo making "guards" invulnerable.

In parallel, he continues to do abortions, and does it very badly. One unhappy after his "cure" has died, the other was saved from bleeding in the hospital, where it became clear that she was not pregnant at all. Gorgulov affairs were opened, and he once again had to flee from arrest by flight. After parting with another wife, he went to France with the intention to enter the Foreign Legion.

Gorgulov easily able to meet with the women. It was not difficult for him: he was a representative and attractive man. However, with any of his women, he could not get along for a long time, and none of them was able to distract him from the goal to which he moved steadily and consistently. His devouring vanity, lust for fame; their wives as he did not like, sometimes beats and resorted to violence.

The Legion, he has not got. Instead, once he married (filed on Swiss Anne-Marie Gyeonggi) and, tormented by longing endlessly nursed extravagant plans. His, as before, rocked by life and thrown from one idea to another. In late December 1931, he sent a desperate letter Kuprin, then edit the Paris magazine "Illustrated Russia": "I hate people in general, but most of all - Russian emigres, meaner for their animals, there is no light! .. I`m leaving people forever. Today, I`m going to Africa, in the jungle, in forests, jungles, to animals and birds. I am not afraid. for I know the language of my Mother Nature. "

Now we can see that, for all would be better if Gorgulov nowhere ran and did not study, "his mother tongue", and then turned to the psychiatrist. None of what he left Africa, and 4 months after thoughtful preparation carried out immediately soothe and excite its world attempt.


At the end of July 1932 in Paris hosted the trial of the murderer of French President. The hall was crowded; journalists were on the bench witnesses and witnesses - in the place of the lawyers. Best of all was arranged Ilya Ehrenburg, who represented the Soviet press: right behind the court president (he is, of course, presented the incident as a brutal trick White Guard).

Later Ehrenburg wrote in his memoirs "People, Years, Life": "Gorgulov was tall, strong, and when he shouted confused, confused curses on abstruse French, the jury, by type notaries, shopkeepers, rentiers, frightened ... I remember ezhilis terrible picture. at night, in the dim light of the dusty chandeliers, courtroom looked like a theatrical production: ceremonial robes of judges, black toga lawyers, the person of the defendant, greenish and dead - all seemed unnatural. The judge read out the verdict. Gorgulov jumped up, ripped off the neck collar as if in a hurry to put his head under the guillotine, and shouted: "France refused me a permit!".

Lawyers built a line of defense on the recognition of the defendant insane. It was a natural course because Gorgulov produced that impression. His statement from the meeting for the meeting became more and more absurd. He then pleaded not pass judgment until he can not take the birth of his pregnant wife and did not see her son. That called himself "a victim of the monarchist conspiracy" and immediately called "to the last breath" fight against Bolshevism. He confessed his love for France and abused its power, tried to read his poems and essays they "Green Gospel." The audience gasped only, but it is to convince the judges verdict of medical experts - the "sane".

Greater attention of judges attracted some witnesses attempted to expose the defendant as a red agent or a former Chekist. It could not be - here and gargoyles have behaved quite sensibly, genuinely puzzled that this is his attempt to ascribe to, and witnesses were completely confused.

The three-day process was completed as expected: the jury sentenced him to death Gorgulov. When the judge read out the sentence of Dreyfus, which states that "condemned to be cut off the head of one of the Paris area" from the dock there was a wild cry. Herostrat goodbye to his hateful world.