Pavel Globa

Picture of Pavel Globa

Date of Birth: 07/16/1953

Age: 63

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

We are living in the last days of civilization

- When your grandfather, astrologer, horoscope was you, he warned you not to fond of the aircraft and avoiding women. Ostensibly it could harm you in life. Jets you avoid. But the women ...

- Women - no. It is taller than me. How can we fulfill the commandment "Be afraid of women!"? It`s impossible.

- You have, as far as I know, some of official marriages only had five.

- Officially, only four. I fell in love four times.

- Act on the old Cadet Code: "I fell in love - married"?

- As an honest man.

- You warned your bride that, according to the stars, all end sad?

- Of course. They did not believe. At first.

- That is none of your wives seriously astrology is not treated?

- Relate. But only then. When it was too late to change chto-to. Some of the women raped on astrology good money and the opportunity for self-promotion. Although initially accused me that I`m doing nonsense.