Pavel Galich

Picture of Pavel Galich

Date of Birth: 10/20/1983

Age: 33

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Childhood. Youth

Pavel Galich - the grandson of the famous poet and bard Alexander Galich. The family Galic-Ginzburg many representatives from the world of theater and cinema. So brother, Alexander Galich Valeriy Ginzburg - director of photography "Soldier Ivan Brovkin" films, "The Commissioner". Grandpa Paul Yuriy Averin - People`s Artist of the Maly Theatre, grandmother and mother - both actresses too. So, Paul grew up in a creative atmosphere. He says: "What the Stanislavsky wrote that you take a stick and imagine that this is a horse - I have had since childhood. I played on book shelves, imagining that this piano and grandfather sat and applauded me. The family had no voice is raised. I`ve never been beaten. Bonk had? two. Well, abused so really softly. How to iron. I am the only child in the family. I am very fond of, even, perhaps, too much. "

However, Paul did not consider himself a representative of the so-called "golden youth": "I am a normal guy like everyone else. Well, yes, I was taken in the conservatory concerts. I can play the piano and nagitare. I know two languages. At the time, I did not really want to engage in any music or languages. Now, thanks to relatives, they forced me to learn. Hang the "golden youth" in the casino or cool clubs, I do not go, I do not like them. Although there was a period of fascination. I used to go to clubs. I went to the casino. A lot of money on it squandered. But it so quickly tired! Boring! ".


Despite acting roots of Paul scene from time to time thought. He and the theater went to do something, as they say, for a company with a friend. As a result, in the Moscow Art Theatre School Evgeny Kamenkovich course he was, and she - not.

In the Moscow Art Theater School before the fourth year did not know that Paul - the grandson of the famous bard. "I walked under a different name, and for a long time did not admit that the grandson of Galich, - says the actor. - I did not want to point the finger at me, "Well, now it is clear, as it was held in a theater." Although, I can assure you, no cronyism was not. " Only, starting the thesis work, Paul "unveiled" their roots. He did this at the request of my mother, who wanted to preserve and continue their father`s surname.

In 2004, Pavel Galich graduated Moscow Art Theatre School. Since that time, he served in the Theater Yermolova. He played in the performances: "We are not alone, my dear," "Mary Poppins," "Pippi Longstocking", "Slave of his beloved", "photo finish".


For the first time in a movie he starred Paul Galic, studying in the second year of the School of Moscow Art Theatre, a small role in "Evlampiya Romanov" series. The fame of the actor brought the role of ordinary Lavrov in the series "Soldiers". Introduced in the second season, Galich continued shooting until the eighth, rising to sergeant. It is worth noting that the great interest caused by the TV series in the first season and then gradually began to fade. Thus, the "demobilization" was held in a timely manner, and Paul himself says that he left the project in time. Later Galich appeared in a parallel continuation of "soldiers" - TV series "Ensign Shmatko, or E-mine", as well as in the 13th and 16th seasons.

After the "soldiers" Paul Galic has played a leading role in the detective series "Pulp Video". Hero actor became an investigator Arseny Rajewski, in whose life there are two passions: movies and investigation of crimes. Among other works Galic: Paul, in the TV series "My favorite witch," a senior Eugene in a Comedy Series "Univer" manager Nikita TV series "Drilling-2."


2003 Evlampiya Romanov. The investigation leads amateur -1 - series

2003 Island without love

2004 Soldiers - 2 - TV series

2005 Two of Fate 2. Blue Bloods - TV series

2005 Airport - series

2005 Soldiers - 3 - series

2005 soldiers - 4 - TV series

2005 Soldiers - 5 - series

2006 Breakthrough - show

Avtonomka 2006 - series

2006 Soldiers - 6 - series

2006 Soldiers - 7 - series

2006 Soldiers - 8 - series

2007 Soldiers. New Year, your division!

2007 Soldiers - 13 - TV series

2007 Ensign Shmatko, or E-mine - series

2008 My favorite witch - series

2008 Pulp video - TV series

2008-2010 Univer - series

2009 Soldiers-16. Dembel inevitable - series

2009 Pulp Video - 2 - TV series

2009 Drilling-2 - TV series

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