Pavel Borodin

Picture of Pavel Borodin

Date of Birth: 10/25/1946

Age: 70

Place of birth: Shahunya Gorky region.

Citizenship: Russia

Mercedes for 20 cents. Talents Pavel Borodin

He had a difficult childhood and adolescence saturated events. He never dreamed of a party or a political career, he saw himself only business executives, and the limit considered HOZU post of chief of the Central Committee. He worked like an animal, to climb to the top of the social pyramid. But when scrambled, I live from the heart. Money is not spared, but they are not scattered.

Writing about Pavel Pavlovich Borodin difficult and easy at the same time. It is easy, because he has achieved a lot. It is difficult - because he miraculously combines the provincial rudeness and an innate sense of style.

Pasha "Mercedes"

It could easily be called publicly Skuratov great fool, and about Carla del Ponte, to declare that it is nothing but boast not. He never wears a brown belt in black boots and a yellow tie to blue suit.

Borodin will never order an omelet at the restaurant for a thousand dollars, as the president of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. But it can easily fill the office of the President of Russia presents for the next birthday totaling in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In general, Pavel Pavlovich Borodin - an epoch. It merged all the advantages and disadvantages of our time ...

trifle, but nice

Leaf biography of Pavel Borodin, posted on his personal website during the election campaign for the post of the mayor of Moscow, full of references to Seneca, Voltaire, Nietzsche, Epicurus, the ancient wisdom of Solomon.

"Learning should be an early age, in the same age - to enjoy knowledge."

"It is better to study too much than not learn anything."

"The work of eliminating the three evils: boredom, vice and need."

"The evidence of character can be extracted from the smallest detail."

Best of all properties Pal Pavlovich extracted from two sayings, which he likes to tell his subordinates and friends.

First - this is the short version of the story of Jorge Amado about the poor and the sick person, who had seven children and a beautiful wife. On the other hand she lived wealthy and sybarite, which periodically looked into the poor man`s wife.

He returned it slightly disheveled, with money and a basket full of products. But when the poor man knew what price to get him well-fed life, he forbade his wife to drop to a neighbor. Since then, they have to live from hand to mouth, but an abundance of settled in the house of another neighbor, who was also the wife-beauty. Moral: a holy place is never empty.

The second parable - a true story from the life of Borodin. While still chairman of the executive committee of Yakutsk, Pavel Pavlovich concluded with the German construction company is very convenient in a row. When the object was put into operation, the Germans brought in Yakutsk on the plane, "Mercedes" as a gift Borodin.

Pavel Pavlovich from the present refused, saying that under Soviet law is considered to be a bribe and for this could be imprisoned.

- That is, if you sell it to me - said Borodin - then a different story.

- With pleasure. Name your price, - immediately reacted to the Germans.

- Twenty cents.

- We agree.

- Then let us two, - not taken aback agile mayor.

All in the hand of the President

There are two versions of arrival Borodin Presidential Affairs.

First posted on the official website of Pavel Pavlovich: "Manager`s ability PP Borodin were appreciated by BN Yeltsin, who arrived in Yakutsk in the dead of winter - in December 1990 ".

Popular rumor says that Borodin became chief assistant warden of the Kremlin because of taste dumplings, which he treated Yeltsin during the last arrival in Yakutsk.

In fact, his ascent to the top of Pavel Pavlovich began in 1989, having become acquainted with the all-powerful "bodyguard" Yeltsin at the Congress of People`s Deputies of the RSFSR. A year Borodin placate Korzhakov different gifts: the skin Pestsovaya bring his wife to the collar, the Korean TV - to replace the old "Ruby".

And in 1990 in the bath was a personal acquaintance of Yeltsin and Borodin. There were dumplings of fish and venison with vodka, it was also a steak from white salmon and whitefish. Dumplings prepared personal chef Yeltsin, but the vodka bottle and whittling fish Pavel Pavlovich himself. At the same time he poured and drank Borodin with jokes but jokes.

As part of the anecdotes Pal Palych equal in the country do not. Once on the birthday of Vladimir Rushailo (then the head of the Moscow RUOP) Borodin joined the competition with Distiller, Leshchenko and Nikulin at the same time. One and a half hours, guests listened solid jokes. As a result, representatives of pop music were forced to surrender.

Until the last days of the Yeltsin Borodin was the only person who was allowed to tell jokes during a party in the presidential circle. However, only one anecdote and without the mat. Especially Yeltsin respected "about the Jews."

The starting point Pal Pavlovich in a chair Kremlin caretaker was fraternizing with blood Yeltsin and Korzhakov. Under vodka and stroganina Borodin gave "expensive" guests hunting knives. Yeltsin decided to make a joke and slashed his bodyguard back side of the blade. "Yes, even acute," - said Korzhakov. Yeltsin did not hesitate steganul his veins. Blood spurted in all directions.

Not only confused Borodin. Tearing sheet Korzhakov he bandaged hand. Yeltsin apparently felt ashamed, and he demanded that Korzhakov and slashed his arm for the fraternization. Later, the cut seal the plaster. From that moment the name of Pavel Pavlovich was mentioned only with the epithet "the same."

The path to the top

Yeltsin first assistant warden (from the time of stay in the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet) was Yuri Zagaynov. He went down in history that in 1991, during his visit to Kazakhstan Boris played on his head spoons stirring melodies. Zagainova fired because of personal animosity resistant Naina Iosifovny.

Another was a former assistant warden predispolkoma Sverdlovsk Fedor Morschakov. On his appointment he insisted Yeltsin. The main argument in favor of Morschakova was that friendship after a heavy drinking Sverdlovsk nomenclature he always knew who was on what amount drank vodka and ate snacks.

Distinguished Morschakov the fact that two years had slept in his office. Kremlin secretary, he asked to speak to everyone that went to the Old Square. And in the Old Square I left a message that he left the Kremlin.

For two years, without regaining consciousness, Morschakov managed to build himself a mansion in Petrovo-Far. What is the first thing and reported to the President, Deputy Morschakova Pavel Borodin.

The swing Pavel Pavlovich sat no more than six months. By November 1993, he has prepared a position on the establishment of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation, which also led after Yeltsin visa. Up to this point the future of farm Pal Pavlovich called the principal socio-productive management of the Presidential Administration.

It is fair to say that Yeltsin was a long time and would not hear of the appointment of Borodin. The reason for this rejection was commonplace. Yeltsin someone helpfully gave view printouts of voting in the Supreme Council, which Borodin consistently voted against the presidential bills.

Later, Boris Nikolayevich explained that Borodin Sun sessions do not happen, and the voice of his card of the current president of Yakutia Nikolaev. Yeltsin was replaced by anger at the mercy and did not regret it.

The nobleman

Unlike their predecessors, Pavel Pavlovich turned a brilliant business executive. That Borodin created the Office of Presidential Affairs in its current form, turning weedy department into a powerful economic empire.

Today, management employs over 120 thousand people. The annual turnover of three billion dollars. In his possessions management is second only to "Gazprom".

It was with Borodin supply service to the Administration of the State Duma passed, the Federation Council, the Government, the Prosecutor General, Constitutional and Supreme courts, the Chamber, numerous rest houses and sanatoriums, spetsgarazh etc.

It was Pavel Pavlovich decided whom to allocate the apartment in the city center, and to whom - in Mitin. To give spetsnomera and flashing lights, and some on the old "Volga" train. With the approval of the provisions of the Russian President Administration squabbles among the political elite of the country fell silent.

Yeltsin got their hands on a universal nomenclature management mechanism. At the same time Borodin found himself a born courtier. He never expected to direct instructions from the president. Punish and pardon in its sole discretion. And I must say, it is almost never wrong. The president was always happy with it.

Yeltsin was suffering from senile skopidomstvom and Borodin is well used. Every time before the birthday of someone from a narrow circle of Pavel Pavlovich scored the president`s office presents. Boris looked at them for a long time and then said: "Leave all that, I can not choose the right."

In presenting the gift Borodin never missed an opportunity to whisper to the birthday: "Tens of cost." Or, "at a cost of twenty."

For Yeltsin, Borodin felt like a stone wall. Only once over it hangs the threat of dismissal. In 1998, Tatyana Dyachenko has managed to convince his father to sign a decree on dismissal of Pavel Pavlovich. Borodin summoned the chief of staff Valentin Yumashev, showed a decree and ordered to write a statement "on their own".

Pavel Pavlovich refused to write the statement and immediately called the president in Shuiskys Chupa. His only request was a guarantee of subsequent prosecutions. Expressing confusion haste of this decree, Yeltsin said, "I`ll decide when to shoot you. Work, and with these bustler I`ll deal. "


All accusations by the Swiss prosecutor`s office about the "Mabetex" and "Mercato" Pavel Borodin said to be complete nonsense.

"I personally led Clinton for the Senate building. He asked all the time: "This is a real tree? It`s not plastic? This is a real stone? It`s real gold? "I remember how we were at the Catherine Hall. Clinton and Kohl frozen with their mouths open. Kohl had said Clinton: "And these people asking for money?" (From an interview with Pavel Borodin, the magazine "Kommersant-Vlast".)

"It seems that the Kremlin was built anew. First wood, then stone, and then the white stone. Then, when I learned that there are many different accounts, you have the impression that the Kremlin was built of gold. I came and looked - no, not gold ... "(From the speech of Carla Del Ponte at the Davos forum-2000.)

When it "Mabetex" just beginning, Prosecutor General Yury Skuratov gave permission to search the apartment Borodin`s daughter Catherine Siletsky. During the search, were found schetayu name Siletsky 2 ppm dollars. Accounts were twisted and neatly put into bottle of "champagne".

One legal nuance. According to the government`s agreement on legal assistance between Switzerland and Russia Pavel Pavlovich can cause for questioning in Lugano only with the approval of the General Prosecutor`s Office of Russia.

Following the resignation of Skuratov such sanctions no one to give.


After moving to Moscow, Pavel Pavlovich became interested in football. Due to inherent sportiness Pavel Borodin soon became the best scorer of the football team of the government. On the field very often met with Yuri Luzhkov.

After each game came and boasted Yeltsin as he put Luzhkov bandwagon or "stopped" him with all his might the ball below the waist. While many would consider a blow-by-blow of fate.

For example, Igor Shabdurasulov, while still a small clerk in the Presidential Administration, learned about passion omnipotent caretaker. From that moment Shabdurasulov became engraved in the company to Gennady Burbulis and walk with him to the stadium. It is said that one day Pavel Pavlovich, after another unsuccessful transmission weighed Shabdurasulov savory kick.

Beat in Borodin`s very strong, so the acceleration Shabdurasulov enough to take the post of first deputy head of the presidential administration. Today Igor Shabdurasulov makes unsuccessful transmission already on ORT, but football with reporters, he, unfortunately, does not play.

Borodin very venturesome. Play does not like anything ever. Every Saturday he and his subordinates and fellow countrymen from Yakutsk goes to the bath. In the bath they play cards for money. Pavel Pavlovich never loses.

Family and Children

The official website of Pavel Borodin posted a brief abstract:

"Pavel Borodin is very fond of his family: his wife and children. Borodin family with many children, although a native child - daughter Catherine, now an adult, and she recently became a mother. Even in Yakutsk Borodin adopted sickly boy Gennady, who suffered a complex form of heart disease and underwent several operations. Unfortunately, the rescue Gennady could not - he died recently at the age of 21 years. According to the doctors, medicine in this case was powerless. Pavel Borodin and his wife Valentina is very difficult to have experienced his death.

And four foster children were Borodin in different years: Sergey, Peter (they are adults), Ivan (he was taken from the hospital: baby, weighing in the six-month aged four kilograms, no one was needed), Natasha (girl taken from a shelter; one and a half years she was able to say only one sentence, and now among the most gifted children admitted to the Choreographic Academy). "

It`s like that. Pavel Pavlovich really loves children. But for a long time with their children went wrong. The day when was born Katya Borodina, for Pal Pavlovich became almost the happiest in my life. But with adopted children it is not so simple.

Vanya and Natasha did not strangers to Borodin. They are his nephew. Brother Valentina Borodina put on a long term in prison. And his wife - the mother of Vanya and Natasha - became a drug addict. She was deprived of maternity rights, then Pavel Pavlovich and adopted nephews.

We never would have not pulled this story to light. Adoption is even nephew - a move worthy of respect.

But Pavel Borodin heavily speculated their adopted children during the elections of the Moscow mayor. We hope that the three-year and five-year Vanya Natasha do not read newspapers.

History Gena is also not clear. Borodins Gena adopted when he was 15 years old. Doctors released him another year of life. Immediately after the adoption of Pal Palych "wrote" his five-room apartment. Gene Borodins thanks to the care of the family have lived up to 21 years.

Sibling Genes Sergey (Borodin site called another adopted son -. "!") Pavel Pavlovich gave 19 years to the Suvorov military school. Sergey has problems with mental development. Obscurity is only the fate of Peter.

Pavel Pavlovich recently became a grandfather. Siletsky Catherine gave birth to a son in America. They called Pasha. With her husband Andrew Siletsky Catherine lives. They bind only the business relationship, "Merkata Trading" and "Mabetex".


The site Borodin family section opens with a quote from Nietzsche: "A good marriage is based on the talent for friendship."

About Pavel Pavlovich said that he does not betray friends, and your enemies will not forgive. For example, Yuri Luzhkov, Borodin always hated. I call him not only as "Glavarbuz" - Luzhkov nickname from the time when he led Mosagropromom. Early on in his career, Pavel Pavlovich managed to transfer the ownership of the Office of Presidential Affairs about three hundred most prestigious mansions in Moscow.

To Luzhkov did not suspect anything, Borodin has agreed with the mayor`s office officials, and they filed Yuri Mikhailovich for approval a list of homes without their value - only the street and number. Suspecting nothing, Luzhkov list of endorsed and Borodin for a long time then speak maliciously and told in the inner circle, he Glavarbuz nai ...

But Alexander Korzhakov Pavel Pavlovich considered his benefactor. After the all-powerful at the time, "bodyguard" was removed, Borodin always celebrated two birthdays: one - for Yeltsin and "The Kremlin", the second - to Korzhakov and friends. Been friends at one time Borodin addition to Korzhakov Barsukov and Soskovets.

When a book by the former head of the SBP Yeltsin "From dawn to dusk," Borodin discussed it with the author and especially laughed at funny passages about the president. And then Pavel Pavlovich decided to become the mayor of Moscow. In the pre-election campaign Borodin, by the way, it was spent 6 million. Dollars, and Pavel Pavlovich scored 6 percent of the vote. In million of interest.

During the race in the television interview with Urmas Ott on the question of Korzhakov and his book Pavel Pavlovich said that he first ate at the economic trough, and now pours president. Since then, the Korzhakov with Borodin no longer friends. Although Pavel Pavlovich and tried to restore relations.

In December last year, during the last feast for the deputies of the previous convocation Borodin came to the Duma, and sat long in odinocheste, waiting to come Korzhakov.

By the way, Korzhakov claims that he was "the president of betrayal made much less psychological impact than" waste "Borodino".

The reconciliation did not take place. And recently, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" published an excerpt from the book Yumashev, Yeltsin called "Korzhakov would throw Yeltsin?". The book contains the phrase Korzhakov: "Well, if it manages Russia, I would have been able". This phrase was uttered in the presence of Soskovets, Barsukov and Borodin. So friendship is friendship, and snuff apart.

Childhood and adolescence

Pavel Borodin was born October 25, 1946 in the city of Gorky region Shahunya. Almost immediately after his birth the family moved to the capital of Tuva, Kyzyl. Father Pavel Borodin died early, and six-year Pasha was the only male in a family of five people. School holidays he spent working worker at a local brick factory.

After high school, Pavel Borodin went to study at the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering. But in the third year he was expelled for fighting with the secretary of the Komsomol organization of the course. He enrolled in the Ulyanovsk Agricultural Institute at the Faculty of Economics.

After graduation in 1972 went to Yakutia. He found work at the exploration party assistant warden. And in 1980 he headed the department "Yakutskgeologiya" in 33 years.

From 83 th to 85 th year working for economic positions in Yakutsk regional committee of the CPSU. Then, the first secretary of the district committee Vilyui and later chairman of the executive committee. In 1988 he headed the Yakut city council. Then there was the Congress of People`s Deputies of and familiarity with Korzhakov.

In the summer of 1993, during the visit of Boris Yeltsin in the Amur Region, Pavel Borodin, he stopped on the way to Kyzyl. People, who accompanied him, say that when Borodin came to his court, he wept. He stood rooted to the spot, and the tears rolled down his face.


Pavel Pavlovich Borodin

Born October 25, 1946 in Shahunya Gorky region.

Shortly after his birth the family moved to Kyzyl (Tuva).

He graduated from the three courses at the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering

He graduated Ulyanovsk Agricultural Institute, Faculty of Economics (1972)

He worked in the North.

1973-1980 gg. - The path from the site economist to general director of "Yakutskgeologiya".

Build a stone shelter for geologists, called "Borodino field."

He graduated from the Higher Party School.

1983-1985 gg. - Yakut regional committee of the Communist Party, then - first secretary of the District Party Committee Vilyui.

1988 th - the chairman of the City Executive Committee of Yakutsk.

1990 th - the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR (member of the Committee for Women`s Affairs, protection of family, motherhood and childhood).

1993 - the acting Chief of socio-productive management of the Presidential Administration, November 1993 - Managing the affairs of the president, the title of State Counselor of the 1st class.

1999 th - executive secretary of the Russia-Belarus Union.

Wife - Valentine Chudinov. She graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Kazan, the head of the Charitable Foundation "Father`s House."

The house has three dogs: two pooch and carry Blue Terrier.

I quote from the official site: "man-holiday".

"I never let anyone in this life do not let, and nobody ever gave. Even scoundrels and rogues, which in my way lately very much. "

"I" you "only with people whom I respect."

"What Russian does not like to drive fast and good mate?".

"For those who pours me shit, I have only one answer: I hand them to cease feeding. And it`s better not to approach. I can well forehand. "

"Some people like to drink here, someone - to walk with the girls on other people`s apartments, and me - to work.

- Do you think that walking with the girls on another`s apartments - a kind of crime?

- It is possible, but not publicly.

- That is the main thing - do not get caught?

- Yes. This is the most important thing in everyone`s life. (Laughs.) Again, just kidding. "

- You are supposed to win elections (Mayor) in the first round?

- I guess not. I will win in the first round.

With the same respect and the President of Russia, and to the simple technical workers who are engaged in cleaning and sometimes forget to wipe off the dust from my desk. "

- What is the Russian folk tale you most like to read to your children?

- About Koshchey Immortal "