Pavel Borodin

Picture of Pavel Borodin

Date of Birth: 10/25/1946

Age: 70

Place of birth: Shahunya

Citizenship: Russia

I am a sinner, but do not blame

BORODIN tired. Around the eye - circles. But the eyes themselves - honest, exactly what he`s looking at the camera all his adult political life. However, in another cell, prison, Borodin look not lowered. "For those who accuse me and accusing eyes run, and I always look right," - says Pavel Pavlovich himself. And even more, he told in detail, "Arguments and Facts" on the eve of his departure to Switzerland.

- Pavel Pavlovich, we`ll record this interview before the first interrogation in the Swiss prosecutor`s office. Tell me honestly: still fly? I do not fear that delay again? Health does not disappoint?

- I`m pretty sure - I`ll fly. Delay or not - I do not know. I am now a little what I believe. It is said that the Russian justice - it`s chaos. In my experience, the American justice - it is chaos in the cube. When I realized this, then I asked, mind you, myself, I was given to Switzerland.

Now I do not for that do not count, and I can not predict. Including - whether flying is now a long time. But I know for sure that the process takes me a lot of time and health, prevent a lot of what I could do. After all, surely all this will last long. According to one former prime minister is very well-known power deal lasted 8 years. The president of a neighboring country - 4.5 years. Knead big politics ...

How humiliated Russia

- But the accusation of corruption - the most that neither is a criminal ...

- What happened to me - a clear political action against the Union of Russia and Belarus. I was invited not only to the inauguration, but also in negotiations with major corporations. This would give a lot for our Union`s economy, for people: jobs, rising living standards. Instead - the scandal, the next mention of Russia in connection with corruption. Not to mention the fact that we and prosecutors, and ministers were subjected to judicial proceedings, if there is a suspicion. I was three years examined. Sorry, even to the color of socks asked. He answered: I love clean. And in the US court`s judgment, remember, do not even mention the name is actually "Borodin". We talked about the presidents of the Union of Belarus and Russia about. Drawn, so to speak, the world`s attention ... And so I kept the camera! Agree, if you have something against me during that time have found, it is unlikely to be released!

- Why do you fly? It should have been aware that Switzerland requires a delay ...

- I understand that he committed a foolish act: summed Union and Russia, and Belarus, and many people. But I absolutely do not feel for a fault. to feel - is not gone. After all, I did not make an impression mad man, right?


- The president is not offended that he did not respond for a long time? Or something we do not know?

- When I arrived, then thanked President Putin of Russia as a Russian citizen, as Secretary of State. And also thanked Lukashenko and Patriarch Alexy II, who helped me: sent letters supported. I`m really a believer. Some people think that they themselves are doing: build something perfect. But I think it is all God`s doing.

- Finally, you remembered God?

- Of course. I have a prayer, which I read every day. In the morning, night and day.

- You had a window in the chamber?

- Yes, there was the Statue of Liberty is visible.

- Heard, perhaps: "And from your window is visible to the Red Square, and only statue of a little bit out of our window." You know, by the way, how many anecdotes about your arrest appeared?

- I Heard a lot. For example, this: "According to a report from the Brooklyn jail, per night state Borodino doubled ..."

- As the time spent?

- Playing basketball, reading, watching TV.

- How were you fed?

- Normally, American-style, kind of like in the "McDonald`s". Actually, I was not arrested and detained. To me and treated. I`m officially in the presence of the Consul General of Russia in the United States, Russia Head of the FBI said that the American justice to me has no complaints, that the detention is made on the proposal of the Swiss side.

- What was the security?

- Three men in civilian clothes, cute guys.

- Here, many were worried about you. In the subway almost money on deposit will not have begun to collect. But already signed in support of the more eagerly. Do you think it`s the people with love for you or dislike for America?

- I always responded to requests from people in your life. What I could - always helped. I suppose that it was still not an anti-American campaign. People supported me, even though many do not know my life, my participation in the fate of the disadvantaged. You journalists write about this dislike. And when I read in the papers: "Thanks to the" good "(in inverted commas!) Person Borodin, who took street children ..." - then I want to call a newspaper in one place. Good quoted do not take children. Take just the people who are trying to help the homeless. And where else said: Borodin, supposedly fathered children especially on the eve of elections, the mayor of Moscow. This is nonsense and absurdity. My wife and I married in `31 - and twenty-five of them are engaged in orphans. Now his wife has a project: construction of a second orphanage for severely ill children. One orphanage already exists - for 48 children. We help the children`s home near Moscow, Yakut, Vilyuiskaya orphanages and Tula orphanage, so many other things that appeal to us. Many people wonder: why? I grew up in a large family, we had four kids. Early left without a father. I remember the poverty, hunger, eternal need. When there was prosperity, and he appeared later, I was working in the North. Then people began to help.

Legends of income

- ... And people say (probably, you know), why one man gave three million dollars, in our country, and there are poorer, at Pal Pavlovich her enough money ...

- Money that has given me a pledge, the Russian government after the court`s decision to return to Russia, will not be wasted. And as for my income, then there are legends go! In the same province last year was the election and the newly elected governor said one of my friend: "Do you see two small factory - it Borodin ..." I`m in this province has never been. Recently I heard that in a country with a strictly asked the owner of a large metallurgical plant, so it immediately: "What do you mean ?! Agree with Borodin, he is our real boss". There is some kind of insanity. All kinds of funds on my behalf ... Unfortunately we do not have any property, neither country residences, no houses, no offices, no funds.

- Most have been accused of huge spending on the restoration of the Kremlin. Yavlinsky, for example, said that if he were given the money, he built two of the Kremlin ...

- I specifically give an example for him. Clinton or Bush`s plane is in America of 1 billion 550 million aircraft Yeltsin or Putin -.. $ 70 million big difference... If I was given the money, as in America, I would have built more than one plane, and a few dozen. Residence in Washington, the White House, where 5 thousand. M2 area, is worth $ 300 million.. The Grand Kremlin Palace, in which 32 thousand. M2 hladotsentr, heating plant, 5 collectors under the Kremlin Terem Palace worth $ 300 million.. The building of the Bundestag - 27 thousand m2 -. worth of $ 680 million building a new residence of Mr. Schroeder -.. 17 thousand m2 -. worth a billion DM. Let Mr. Yavlinsky look at these comparisons. This is not my speculation. All of these figures, the square footage, millions given by the media, including you.

When I met in 1996 with Kohl, he told me: "We do not know what to do with your GDR In five years, we have trillion DM in the GDR invested, and 15 million living there and thus - decline in production of 60%, and... unemployment is 40%. " I answered him: "Did you take to work for him Grisha Yavlinsky He promised 500 days of 300 million people be reformed without a penny of money..."

- But the State Duma for you immediately stood up ...

- Of course. We reconstructed the new parliamentary center in Moscow. And, by the way, 300 federal facilities, each of which was about 150 contractors, of which approximately 50 - foreign. On the reconstruction of the Kremlin contractors was 142. Forty-eight - abroad. Do you think this is not checked?

- You have just recently had a visit to Minsk. How you met the president of Belarus? He can not claim?

- Fine. Purely human meeting. Many people ask whether we have not discussed the issues Lukashenko campaign. No. The range of issues has been quite different. The first section was constitutional. In the near future we will have to consider, draft and adopt a constitution in referendums of the Union State. The second issue - the budget of the Union State.

We talked about the construction of the transport corridor of the pipeline. It was quite trusting conversations.

- And is it possible that some forces in Moscow is still interested in your arrest?

- There is a lot of different versions. I believe that time will tell. There is nothing secret, whatever became clear.

- You try not to think about it?

- I`m in my heart to forgive all. I hope that I will be forgiven many. I do not think I`m guilty of something, even in life certainly sinful.