Pavel Ardashev

Picture of Pavel Ardashev

Date of Birth: 06/04/1862

Age: 61

Place of birth: a. ICSCA Mouth

Citizenship: Russia


Born in the village. Bilyare Elabuzhsky have. Vyatka lips. in the family priest. Initial education received at home under the guidance of his father and grandfather, the cantor. In 1876-80 he studied at the Yelabuga religious school, after which he entered the Ufa Seminary, but in 1884 moved to Ufa classical gymnasium, where he passed the matriculation examination. In 1885 he entered the historical-philological faculty of Imperial Moscow University. The main subject of his interest was universal history, his work "Correspondence of Cicero as a source for the story of Julius Caesar" in 1888 was awarded a gold medal, and 2 years later published in Scientific Memoirs University. After graduating from the course with a diploma of the 1st degree, 04.14.1890 was left at the Department of World History 2 years to prepare for a professorship. In 1894, he passed the Master`s exam and 2 years later he was sent for scientific purposes abroad. He worked in the archives of Paris and provincial cities in France. The result of these studies was the thesis "The provincial administration in France at the last time of the old regime (1774-1789). Provincial quartermasters. Volume I.