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Citizenship: Russia

Whirlwind Pauline Miasnikova

Author: Victor Borzenko

Website: Celebrities

What Pauline Miasnikova managed to live such a long life, except a miracle will not name. Her fate of Stalin`s henchmen tried to break even in 1927, when Pauline was studying in the ninth grade in Baku and their after school led to a humiliating interrogation, accused in connection with the Trotskyites. She was later arrested and concluded in 1931, and in 1934 and 1936. She was accused of terror group (attempt to Stalin), under torture, was forced to give false testimony against your friends, starved, forbidden to sleep for several days in a row, in 1951 sentenced to life exile. But she survived this very real hell. After the exposure of Stalin`s personality cult with her cleared of all charges. Official apologies, of course, no one brought. But, as it turned out, undermined health in the camps did not prevent to live up to the centennial.

"Whirlwind" (a kind of "Contemporary", "Requiem" Theatre) was created in 1988 with the close involvement Miasnikova Pauline, who met with Eugenia Ginzburg still in the Yaroslavl prison was her companion in exile in Kolyma. The very Evgenia Semenovna did not live up to the premiere of more than a decade, but the terrible pictures camp life Paulina Myasnikov helped restore with documentary accuracy, since acted not only as the main consultant in the performance, but also for the past ten years, appeared on the scene "Contemporary" as a real character of those ancient events. "She is very loved and respected by all actors of the theater", - said Galina Volchek in his opening remarks, and then helped the legendary woman out from behind the scenes. Hall met her long aplodismentami.Zdes and whom, up to their necks; and the pain of how much the Miasnikov survived; and the joy of a man who has not broken and no one gave a terrible torture. "Galina took care of us all - Myasnikov said. - I believe that she has a wonderful character, because women run the theater is never easy. But in our circle was not the case that someone was a friend or something happened. All helped each other. I will remember it always. Now a new time is coming. And a big thank you to everyone who helped us to release this performance. "