Paul Watzlawick

Picture of Paul Watzlawick

Date of Birth: 07/25/1921

Age: 85

Place of birth: Villach

Citizenship: United States


Paul Watzlawick was born in a wealthy family, secondary education in one of Vienna`s private colleges. During his studies, he became interested in the works of psychologists and psychiatrists, and decided to deal with it in the future psychology. He graduated from the University with a degree in Ka` Foscari philology and philosophy in Venice, then worked in Switzerland.

Since the financial situation of a young scientist allowed him not to worry about the earnings, he decided to devote himself entirely to nauke.Paul Watzlawick dealt with problems of social psychology. In 1960 he was asked to lead the Institute in Palo Alto (USA), he agreed and left Europe. He worked in the Research Institute in Palo Alto, California under the direction of Gregory Bateson.

Watzlawick studied psychotherapeutic practice, working with his patients, he did not just treated, and more and learned their problems. The results of this long-term study formed the basis of all his books. Blagodaryarabote Watzlawick was able to fill his works with plenty of examples, in order to make them as understandable to the layman.

In 1967 he published the book "Pragmatics of human relations", in which he makes recommendations, which can help build relationships with others or save existing ones.

Since 1976, a professor at Stanford University. At the same time there were two of his books: "How does the present" and the famous bestseller "How to be unhappy without assistance." The last book is a unique collection of "bad advice." In fact, these tips are really comic existing psychological mechanisms that lead to neuroses and stresses. The author uses humor as one of the psychological mechanisms. The basic idea, which Watzlawick reflected in this work: the happiness and mental health of each individual depends only on himself.