Paul Vinogradoff

Picture of Paul Vinogradoff

Date of Birth: 11/18/1854

Age: 71

Place of birth: Kostroma

Citizenship: Russia


He studied at Moscow University. Pupil VI Guerrier, his successor at the Moscow University. Since 1884 - Professor. He had a brilliant scientific training, which owes much to the workshops of large German historian Theodor Mommsen and historian Heinrich Brunner rights. He was also under the influence of Leopold von Ranke. Vinogradov - the largest representative of the liberal-positivist historiography of not only Russia but also the West. In 1902 (after the conflict with the Minister of Education Vannovsky) Vinogradov resigned. Since 1903 - Professor of the University of Oxford. He returned to Moscow University in 1908. From 1914 - Academician.

At the center of scientific interest were Vinogradov problem of the origin and development of Western European feudalism, legal and social history of the Middle Ages, etc. His first notable work (master`s thesis, defended in 1880) was devoted to the genesis of feudalism in Italy -. "The origin of feudal relations in Lombard Italy" (SPb., 1880). By analyzing the legal monuments, showed the mechanism of formation of large landed property and the emergence of feudalism in Italy, taking into account the German and Romanesque elements.

Subsequently, Vinogradov turned to the history of medieval England, the problems of the origin of English Feudalism, to the study of the history of the English manor. In recognition of British historians, Vinogradov opened to them by their own history.

In 1911 Vinogradov resigned and finally broke with Russia. After the October Revolution he became a British citizen. He taught at Oxford, and it is in the Oxford period rose to prominence in the scientific world.