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Date of Birth: 02/28/1953

Age: 63

Place of Birth: Albany

Citizenship: United States

Keynesian economic views

According to the Nobel Committee (Nobel Prize Committee), the prize was awarded for the work of Krugman, explaining the model of international trade and the geographical concentration of wealth by examining the effect of saving, of scale, and consumer preferences for various goods and services. In academic circles Krugman is known for his work on international economics, including trade theory, economic geography and international finance, liquidity trap and currency crises. According to database ratings IDEAS / RePEc, Krugman takes the 15th place among the most widely cited by economists of the modern world.

Krugman is the author of over 20 books and has published more than 200 scientific articles in professional journals and collections of works. He also wrote more than 750 surveys on topical economic and political issues of `The New York Times`. The book `Krugman International Economics: Theory ipolitika` (International Economics: Theory and Policy), co-written with Maurice Obstfeld (Maurice Obstfeld), professor of economics at the University of California at Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley), has become a recognized textbook on international economics for US colleges. In addition, he writes on political and economic issues for the general public, as well as expressed in a wide range of issues, ranging from income distribution to international economics. Krugman considers himself a liberal, and even gave the name `conscience liberala` (The Conscience of a Liberal) one of his books, and blog in `The New York Times`.

Paul Krugman, the son of David (David Krugman) and Krugman Anita (Anita Krugman) and the grandson of Jewish immigrants from Belarus Brest (Brest, Belarus), was born on February 28, 1953 in Albany, New York (Albany, New York). He grew up in Nassau County, New York (Nassau County, New York), and graduated from high school John F. Kennedy (John F. Kennedy High School) in Bellmore (Bellmore). He is married to Robin Wells (Robin Wells), a yoga instructor and academic economists, who worked together with her husband over textbooks. It was his second marriage. Krugman also mentioned that his distant kinship ties with conservative journalist David Frum (David Frum). In his own words, his interest in economics began with the cycle of novels of Isaac Asimov (Isaac Asimov) `Osnovanie` (Foundation), in which future researchers used fictional science of psychohistory (psychohistory) in an attempt to save civilization. Because psychohistory in the sense that this word is put in Asimov did not exist, Krugman turned to the economy, which is considered the second-best science in the world of knowledge.

Krugman received his BA in Economics from Yale University (Yale University) in 1974 and defended his PhD at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT) in 1977. While studying at MIT, Krugman was part of a small group of students aiming to work in the Central Bank of Portugal (Central Bank of Portugal) for three months in the summer of 1976, two years after the Carnation Revolution.

From 1982 to 1983 he worked for the administration of President Ronald Reagan (Ronald Reagan) as part of the Council of economic advisers (Council of Economic Advisers).

Krugman has taught at Yale, MIT, University of California at Berkeley, the London School of Economics and Stanford University (Stanford University), and in 2000 became a professor at Princeton. In addition, he is part of the so-called `tridtsati` Group (Group of Thirty), an international economic organization. Since 1979, Krugman was a fellow of the National Bureau of Economic Research (National Bureau of Economic Research), Dr. Krugman recently served as President of the Eastern Economic Association (Eastern Economic Association).

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