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Date of Birth: 06/14/1955

Age: 61

Place of birth: Liverpool

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Transvestite Lily Savage, and one of the best British comedians

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Paul James Michael O`Gredi (Paul James Michael O`Grady, 14.06.1955) - British comedian, television host, actor, and radio DJ. Known primarily due to its daytime show `The Paul O`Grady Show` and come up with their image of a transvestite Lily Savage (Lily Savage).

Paul was born in a family of Irish-workers. In his youth, he had to change a lot of different professions - O`Gredi worked in bars, government enterprises and community projects; Of course, moving from place to place Paul also had quite often. The image of the transvestite comedian Lily Savage, he came up with in 1978; based image Lily was on his numerous relatives. Some time O`Gredi toured northern England (Northern England) as part of the mime duo `Playgirls`, then switched to stand-up and started performing solo. For 8 years he worked in O`Gredi `Royal VauxhallTavern`. Comic number of his great success - Paul won `Perrier`, pretty famous, and eventually rose to even own television show.

In the wake of the success of Paul began to gradually depart from its glorified image of a transvestite. For some time he starred in the comedy series `Black Hawk Down`; parallel O`Gredi worked on documentary projects about the different kinds of travel. In 2004, on ITV it was running his own show - `The Paul O`Grady Show`; Soon, however, Paul fell out with the direction of the channel and moved under the wing of Channel 4, where in 2006 there was `The New Paul O`Grady Show`. Having worked here until 2009, O`Gredi back on ITV with night design `Paul O`Grady Live`. The show lasted into the broadcasting schedule for about a year, after which it was closed - Paul there was a whole series of new projects of various kinds.

In 2003, Paul joined the O`Gredi published `The Observer` rating of the funniest projects British humor; in 2006, `The Independent` included it in its list of the most influential British gay.

In 2008, lead was awarded the title of Chevalier of the Order of the British Empire (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for his services in the field of entertainment industry. In 2010, Paul received an honorary doctorate at the University of Montfort University.

Paul O`Gredi openly homosexual; however, in his youth he had relationships with both men and women. In 1977, Paul married a Portuguese lesbian Teresa Fernandez (Teresa Fernandes) - thus protecting it from imminent deportation; in 2005, a marriage was annulled. True love Paul for a long time was an Irish television producer Brendan Murphy (Brendan Frank Murphy); Alas, he was sick with HIV and 9 June 2005, died from brain cancer. We also know that Paul has a daughter; in 2006 at the leading grandson was born, in December 2009 - a granddaughter.

Currently, Paul lives in London and in the rural area of ??Kent (Kent); rural O`Gredi not simply rest - it is known as an avid farmer and breeder travoved. But is his time and social life - Paul very many friends in various circles of British society.

Pretty actively engaged in leading and charitable activities; so Paul a lot of time and money spent to help stray dogs and cats.

In April of 2013 the host announced that supports the Labour Party in the future, elections 2015, is going to organize in support of the party`s entire campaign. Regarding the liberal conservatives Paul walked rather harshly, accusing them of a complete misunderstanding of the needs of ordinary Britons.

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