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Date of Birth: 09/06/1934

Age: 75

Place of Birth: Madrid

Citizenship: Spain


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Most often worked Neshi movie horror genre. His ability to transform into various characters from classic horror films, such as a werewolf, a hunchback, Count Dracula and the mummy, helped Paul to become the Spanish Lon Chaney, known as `Man Thousands Lits`. horror fan is also called the `Spanish Karloffom` Boris and he was one of the most recognizable actors in the Spanish horror films.

Spain`s King Juan Carlos I awarded actor Gold Medal of Fine Arts in 2001, the year for his work.

Paul Neshi was born under the name of Jacinto Molina September 6, 1934 in Madrid, Spain.

Without a doubt, they played the Spanish man-wolf (Hombre-Lobo), werewolf Waldemar Daninski - one of his most famous characters. He played this graph, suffering from anemia, in 12 different films. Neshi holds the record in this regard, he even walked around the great Lon Chaney Jr., who `prevraschalsya` werewolf only 7 times during his career. And movies with Paul were not interconnected storyline. Every horror was a more or less independent history, where even lycanthropy sometimes had different origins. For example, in the films `` Anger oborotnya` and Curse zverya` Daninski become a werewolf after being bitten by Sasquatch (Bigfoot).

The fact that films about Valdemar received different names from the distributors for many years, only added to the confusion, which fall even devoted fans of the actor. To date, only 11 survived the Spanish paintings Neshi werewolf. All the trails leading to the horror of the Night `human-volka`, if they were noticed after the film was ready to go to the rental. The film`s producer, Rene govarit, was killed in a car crash in Paris next week after the end of the work on the horror, so that the history of the disappearance of `Nights human-volka` just shrouded many mysteries. Some believe that the film copies were simply confiscated. Paul himself recognized that the film never was not released only after ten years.

Even though numerous kinolyapy, plot inconsistency and complex supply it with all the scenes memories, Paul werewolf movies in general is still considered one of the most famous of his works among the many fans of his horror art.

The only character that Neshi really played twice, was scabby wizard Alaric de Marnhac from the Middle Ages. As planned, the wizard appears in the film `The horror of mogily` 1972, then revived in a horror film` Beats Paniki` th 1982. Paul himself argued that the essence of the character Alaric borrowed from reality - the life of a medieval baron sadist named Gilles de Rais, who was a serial killer. Based on his own biography, Neshi created the image of the protagonist for the film `Marshal of Ada`.

Paul was the only actor who in his long career played Dracula, Mummy, Frankenstein, Fu Manchu, the hunchback, Rasputin, warlock, zombie, a medieval inquisitor, and a serial killer, not to mention the werewolf for 15 different horror movies. One of the last works Neshi - shooting in the movie `Heritage Valdemara` and voice cartoon character` O Ap & # 243; stolo`.

Spanish actor died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 73 years, on November 30th of 2009, in his native Madrid. Of course, Paul Neshi remembered as one of the most prolific and really dedicated actors horror genre in the history of cinema.

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