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Date of Birth: 01/26/1964

Age: 52

Place of birth: Spokane

Citizenship: United States


Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Paul Johansson (Paul Joseph Otto Johansson) was born in 1964 in the United States, the son of legendary NHL hockey player Earl `Ching` Johnson. With such a mentor, a boy from childhood grew up an athlete, a lot of sports, starting with football, and then became interested in basketball (Paul growth - 188 cm). Achieved great heights of hockey and even being able to lead to the victory of his university team, Johansson `blesnul` in basketball, playing two years in the national team of Canada. However, despite opens up prospects, it has attracted more and one day Paul left the dream of sports records and shall think of the glory of a different kind - the glory of the actor. So, together with his friend Jason Priestley Paul moved toward Los Angeles. His debut was celebrated soap opera `Santa Barbara` (Santa Barbara), where newly actor did not stay for a long time, staying in a project with only 89 th to the 90 th year. Sledomshli not too significant roles in several television movies, as well as participation in such long-running projects as `Beverly Hills 90210` (Beverly Hills, 90210),` The Drew Carey Show`.

Handsome athlete was lucky - in 1993, he played a major role in an action movie by Peter Foldy svidetel` `Midnight (Midnight Witness), and, although the film was not stated in the program of any film festival, this work has taken its place in the acting resume Johansson .

The 97th floor playing Nick Cassavetes in the melodrama `It prekrasna` (She`s So Lovely), in the following year appeared in detective dush`` Carnaval (Carnival of Souls) directors Adam Grossman and Ian Kessnera.

His role became more significant over time. So, in 2000, Johansson played intoxicated with vengeance, Wes unionist soldiers in the western Paul Matthews` Angels in dospehah` (Glory Glory). Directed by Matthews drew the actor and his next project - action adventure `Immortal voiny` (Berserker), where Paul played the title character.

Alternating work in cinema with the shooting for television, Johansson managed to appear in a variety of series - Andromeda` `` Hill of dereva`, `IQ-145` and others.

And in 2002, the actor once again played a great game of Canadian-American drama Anne Wheeler `On the verge bezumiya` (Edge of Madness). In the same year he had the opportunity to participate in the project negollivudskom - Dominica Shiaha thriller `descends tma` (Darkness Falling).

Nick Cassavetes again drew Paul, already played under him, to shoot his famous film `Alpha Dog` (Alpha Dog), where the main role starred Bruce Willis.

Among recent works actor Paul Johansson - 2009 thriller `The Boondock Saints 2: All Day svyatyh` (The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day) directed by Troy Duffy.

Johansson`s directorial debut took place in 1998 vkorotkometrazhke `Conversations in Limbo` (Conversations in Limbo). By the way, Johansson and it became one of the authors of the script, and starring the newly director Nick Cassavetes and took Troy Duffy. It is noteworthy that both of these are not just the director filmed in his paintings Paul. In addition, Johansson was involved as producer and director during the filming of the series `Hill of dereva` episodes. In general, it is with this show Paul is related very much - his hero, villain Dan Scott is one of the key characters, and eventually Paul himself increasingly fascinated craft director.

We know that Paul Johansson was married to actress Oltin Romanian Gabriela (Gabriela Oltean), the marriage ended in divorce in 2005. Former spouses can be seen together in a film of 2002 - thriller Nick Cassavetes` John Kyu` (John Q), which starred Gabriel paired with Denzel Washington.

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