Paul Gingerich

Picture of Paul Gingerich

Age: 16

Citizenship: United States

An adult sentence for a young offender

Externally, the 14-year-old Paul Gingerich like more on the next popular young singer than a malicious offender; very few people are able to assume that in front of them - the most dangerous criminal. However, from the standpoint of American justice Gingerich it is just a dangerous criminal - why else would he began to send to jail for 25 years?

In fairness it should be noted that, despite the relatively harmless and kind young age, Paul and indeed managed to establish itself is not at its best - for such a long time in prison, he was sent for participation in the murder.

Victim Paul Gingerich became the stepfather of his friend. I committed this terrible crime a teenager in April of 2010. Initially, one kill Paul did not plan - it is in the company`s 12-year-old Williams Chase (Chase Williams) and 15-year-old Kolta Lundy (Colt Lundy) was going to simply run away from home. Soon, however, Lundy announced that his stepfather would not run - and that coveted freedom can be obtained only through the body 49-year-old Phillip Danner (Phillip Danner). It Lundy took the weapon; with Paul, they sneaked into the house Danner, where he ambushed. Williams refused to enter the house; his friends, he waited in the street.

As he admitted later, Paul, what is happening to the very end he seemed somewhat unrealistic. The boy thought that his friend was just kidding and no one is going to kill. That all changed when the house went Danner; the first shot him stepson, and then - a pre-closing his eyes in fear - and Paul Gingerich.

Relatives and friends of Paul realized that their son for what he did have to answer; Reality, however, surpassed the most pessimistic of forecasts. In 2010, the year Paul Gingerich 25godam sentenced to prison.

Last December, the case Gingerich fell into a state court of appeals; there business, Paul has been revised, and the judge`s decision to transfer the juvenile Gingerich concerns adult court was considered premature. The final decision about in what was Paul`s Court still must be judged to be made later; no matter how scary it may sound, the boy may be the case even worse - `vzroslyy` Court may well be sentenced to 65 years Man. So far, Paul is known only that the following three years he will spend in prison for juveniles, after which it is transferred to one of the toughest `vzroslyh` Indiana prison.

While Paul is behaving like a model prisoner - so 5 days a week he spent in the prison school; boy hopes that in the future he will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice. To his fellow prisoners Paul is an example of this; alas, count on anything like the high status it is not necessary in an adult prison.

According to the majority of journalists, the worst in the Gingerich is not even the fact of murder committed by two teenagers - crimes committed by the hands of minors, unfortunately, occur more often than we would like. Half a terrible sentence, but closed all hope for anything like a decent future - if the declared penalty will not be revised, it will be released from prison for 37-year-old man. Even the most inveterate optimist can not but admit that out of prison unspoiled 12-year-olds in 25 years just is not possible. Hope remains only the fact that a judge in one of the next meetings will be replaced by anger at the mercy.