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Date of Birth: 06/18/1927

Age: 68

Place of Birth: St John`s Wood

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Star TV series

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Paul Eddington (Paul Eddington) was born in 1927 in London, England (London, England), in the family of Albert Clark Eddington (Albert Clark Eddington) and his wife Mary Frances (Frances Mary). The first live audience Paul began during the Second World War, the British Army, being a part of the National Association of Entertainment and (Entertainments National Service Association, ENSA). It is known, however, that by its nature was Eddington pacifist and pretty soon he was asked about the resignation. After the war he was in an acting troupe Repertory Theatre in Sheffield (Sheffield), and his first appearance on screen was in 1950. In 1955 Eddington was seen in the TV series` The Adventures of Robin Guda` (The Adventures of Robin Hood), and by the end of the 50s he was a confident shot teleakter. Among the series with his participation in the `60s - `Mstiteli` (The Avengers),` Cars Z` (Z Cars), `Beyond this world` (Out of This World),` Zaklyuchennyy` (The Prisoner), `Chempiony` (The Champions) and several others.

From the full-screen pictures of Eddington`s family should be mentioned British Detective Lionel Jeffries (Lionel Jeffries) 1972 `Amazing Mr. Blanden` (The Amazing Mr. Blunden), the drama of the same director`s 1973` Baxter! `,` Out Dyavola` horror (The Devil Rides Out), released in 1968. However, first of all, Paul Eddington was known as a television actor. His most famous role, James Hacker (James Hacker), the main character of the series `Yes, sir ministr` (Yes Minister), Paul received in 1980. Having played in 22 episodes telelenty, the actor once again continued to personalize your character in the continuation of the project - was launched in 1986 `Yes, Mr Prime ministr` (Yes, Prime Minister). The project was a wonderful full English humor satire on lost in the corridors of government officials; It said that this series has become a favorite show Margaret Thatcher (Margaret Thatcher). Continuation of the popular tape went on until 1988 screens during this time Paul Eddington managed to turn into a real TV star. In the 80s, during the shows of the series, was nominated for four Eddington `BAFTA Awards` - twice for` Ministra` and the same - for the `Prime ministra`; however, further nominations, it never came, and get actor prize has not happened. Unfortunately, even during the filming of the second part of the series Paul Eddington was delivered very disappointing diagnosis - lymphoma (lymphoma), a cancer of the lymphatic tissue. However, the actor continued to act, hiding his terrible disease. He played until the 90s; Paul`s latest works have become the series `The Camomile Lawn` in 1992 and` Performance` in 1995. Film credits consists of more than 75 movies, mostly on TV.

Paul Eddington died on November 4, 1995, aged 68, in London. He was survived by wife Patricia Scott (Patricia Scott), to which the actor has been together since 1952. This family had four children - Toby (Toby), Hugo (Hugo), Dominic (Dominic) and Gemma (Gemma).

Among the awards actor - theater prize `London Critics Circle Theatre Award`, moreover, in 1987 for his services in the art of Paul Eddington became a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (Commander of the Order of the British Empire).

It is known that shortly before his death, Paul gave an interview in which the question about how to coca, he wanted to see his epitaph, very wittily replied that it would suit perfectly the inscription on the tomb: `He did not do too much vreda`.

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