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Date of Birth: 02/11/1926

Age: 90

Citizenship: France

`Cook veka`

Paul Bocuse was born February 11, 1926.

In the restaurant business, and culinary excellence comparable to Paul Bocuse, Pierre Cardin in the fashion world. Suffice it to say that it Bocuse title "chef of the century" was granted in 1989.

In the XVIII century on the banks of the Saone, in the town of Collonges-au-Mont-d`Or, near Lyon, the miller`s family lived. miller`s wife, cook and willingly regaled his cooking all who live in the neighborhood. She boarded Visitors mill and the local boatmen, and all those who came to the mill to grind grain. This is the legendary Miller was the great-grandmother of modern superkulinara Paul Bocuse. It was the beginning of her work as restoratorskoy innkeeper and marked the beginning of the dynasty dates back to the beginning of the dynasty Bokyuz.Istoriki Bocuse year 1765, which became the most famous is undoubtedly the one who is now called the patriarch of modern French cuisine - Paul Bocuse.

More than 100 years lasted restaurant miller. In the XIX century mill destroyed - to build railways Paris-Lyon-Marseille - Bocuse and the family had to move to a farm that was once owned by the monks Ile Barbe, where they continued their restaurant business.

Several generations later, in 1921, the grandfather of Paul Bocuse, Joseph suddenly decided to sell the family restaurant on the river Saone, and with it, and the family name of "Restaurant Bocuse". The remaining "no name" father of Paul Bocuse, Georges, in 1925 he married Irma Rul`e, daughter of restaurateurs, who owned the hotel "Hotel du Pont de Collonges". There in 1926 and birthplace of the chef of the century.

But there would be no history of the dynasty, if not the genes. It was Paul`s father continued the dynasty of restaurateurs, and was the first who glorified the name of Bocuse in the field of gastronomy. After returning from the fronts of the First World War, he completely devoted himself to the most peaceful of the profession, having worked as a cook in the best restaurants of Lyon, and eventually opened his own restaurant.

Apparently heredity has not bypassed and the future genius cooking party. Paul also followed in his father`s footsteps, but unlike many other scions of the great dynasties, he did not receive the profession under the supervision of his father. His first experience in the field of gastronomy Paul Bocuse has received in its 15 years, Claude Marais, in the Lyon restaurant "Soiree". However, up to the plate it is also not allowed, but also by what he did (he helped procure products) it was no less responsible. It was the year 1941. The war interrupted the practice deli and future restaurateur. C beginning of the Second World War, he volunteered for the front. During the battle in Alsace Bocuse was wounded, after which he was made a blood transfusion in the American field hospital. Having won on the fields of World War II and received in 1944 the cross "For Service in Battle", he returned and continued studying culinary arts at Mother Brazier, the institution "La Mer Brazier

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