Paul Biya

Picture of Paul Biya

Date of Birth: 02/13/1933

Age: 83

Place of birth: Sangmelima

Nationality: Cameroon


At the last in Pretoria (South Africa) Forum of the African Union (the former name - the Organization of African Unity), the head of Cameroon

71-year-old Paul Biya hailed as "the best African president." Presidency he holds for 22 years. His new title, said "Cameroon Tribune" newspaper, Paul Biya has earned for chtov Cameroon for a long time to maintain peace and stability.

The son of a teacher of the catechism. It refers to the ethnic Bulu, which is part of the Fang ethnic group. According to Catholic faith. From an early age I am willing to devote themselves to the service of the Church. But the priest did not - chose a political career. PrezidentomKameruna was elected November 6, 1982. This post was re-elected four times. The opposition press is not without malice chapter called "president-traveler" of the state - most of the time he spent in Europe. The opponents did not fail to disseminate information that Biya has built a luxury home in his native village, bought an apartment on Avenue Foch in Paris and a house in Baden-Baden. There were rumors that he was seriously ill and no longer wants to lead the country. But doubts were dispelled when one day before the end of the application deadline Biya again registered as a candidate for the presidential elections. They will be held on 11 October.