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Who coached Pete Sampras and Roger Federer ?

Paul Annakone long been a professional player, and in this field has made considerable results; however,much more he became famous for his results on a different career - he was a very, very talented coach who was able to be helpful to two eminent champions.

Annakone Paul - a former American professional tennis player, at the moment has become a tennis coach. Inter alia,It is known as the former coach of the champion of the tournament series ` Big Shlema` Roger Federer (Roger Federer) and former top-ranked Pete Sampras (Pete Sampras).

Tennis Annakone Paul engaged in a relatively young age - as early as the 8th grade, he took part in his first competitions in singles.At the time, Paul naurovne League and remained undefeated. After graduation Annakone for 3 years he played tennis for the University of Tennessee, as part of the Southeastern Conference. Among other things, during this period he was able to win the title of best player of the year Mezhkolledzhnoy Tennis Association. Throughout the three years of his universitetsko-sports career Paul consistently hit the star -level conference teams and the level of the whole country ; he went to a whole record of 115-22 at the end of the third year.

During his professional career, Paul got up to a maximum of the 12-th line in the rating of the world and the 6th line in the national rankings. Up to 1992-he played in the first ATP -level events; the end of the career, the general statistics on the games `ATP Tour`, Grand Slam and Grand Prix he was 157-131. During his career Annakone won 3 competitions in singles and went vchetvertfinal Wimbledon. Once Paul had a chance to take part in the singles `Nabisco Masters` - analogue of the modern ` ATP World Tour Finals`. We know that Paul Annakone was the high-ranking player of American origin in the `Australian Open` 1988 - at that time he was on the 14th place in the ranking ,that American tennis as a whole was the result, to say the least, unimpressive.

Single match given Paul a good idea, but it turned out to be the player a much more worthy in doubles. In total Annakone he won 14 championships and even rose to the third line in the world ranking. In tandem with its main partner Christo van Rensburg (Christo van Rensburg) Paul won the doubles `Australian Open` 1985 ; paired with David Wheaton (David Wheaton) Annakone won also `US Open`- th 1990.

Really Annakone, however, is not so much famous solo and paired games as coaching - and ,in particular, the work as a coach of Pete Sampras. Collaboration their continued from February 1995 to the end of 2001 and July of 2002 to the care Sampras retired. In addition, from December 2001 to January 2003, Annakone served as managing director of high-performance programs of the American Tennis Association. In April 2008,th Polystupal as coach of the Great Britain Davis Cup - immediately after the team left Peter Lundgren (Peter Lundgren). Under the supervision of Paul`s team lost the playoff Davis Cup ; insurmountable obstacle for them was the team of Austria. A year later, the team was reduced to the second group. In May, 2010-th Annakone officially announced his retirement from the Davis Cup team, and from the LTA.

August 28, 2010- Paul became the new coach of Roger Federer ; it is known that even before signing the contract and Annakone Federer during the month evaluated the prospects of collaboration. Under the supervision of Roger Annakone two years won the world championships ,He regained the status of the first racket of the world and won a seventh victory at Wimbledon.

The 2006th Annakone produced a series of preparatory DVD, which has demonstrated its strategic solutions and approaches to the management of the game

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