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The laughter that opens the soul

Patch Adams - a professional doctor,clown and social innovator. His beginnings are unusual, ambitious and very contagious : the beginning of the 1970s he opened in the United States a free hospital, existing and developing so far. His projects resound throughout the world, as well as his concerts. Robin Williams played him in the movie " Patch Adams ". Sam Adams is hoping to change the world and dreams of the revolution ! In Russia, it cooperates with the Moscow NGO " Art Center " Maria`s Children " - studio for orphans and children with special needs, graduates of boarding based artist Maria Eliseeva.

Tell us how you became a clown.

- It`s a long story ! I have an amazing ,very loving mother. His father was in the military. I knew little about him, because he first fought in World War II, then his career took off, and we were living in Germany. But memories of war does not leave his father. I thought he did not love me. He was a big fan of sports and football player, and I was a skinny nerd. I thought that I`m not the son ,of which he dreamed. When I was 16, he died, and we returned to the United States, in the southern states. In 1961, the black population of America was powerless. They could not drink water from a drinking fountain in the restaurant, they had to sit in the back rows of the bus, and all of it made me shudder. Until that moment I had never encountered hatred ,so when I first heard the phrase " Fucking nigger ! " I crawled under the bed and cried. I realized that my country was fake. It was not a free country for all people. All did not care for each other. My first reaction was tears. My mother taught me not to protest, revolution ,so one year I have three times taken to hospital with a diagnosis of " attempted suicide. " I did not want to live in a world of violence and injustice. The last hospital dawned on me : instead of killing themselves, we must fight, to protest, to change the situation ! I clearly realized that a revolution of love !

How did you come to this decision ?

- At that moment,when I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I came from this area, then - again, and vanished all my suffering ! When you love others and help them, go your own suffering. I realized that a mother`s love and affection that I have received in abundance as a child, gave me moral principles : there is justice, truth, goodness, and to live the truth,otherwise there is no reason to live, and for a just cause must be addressed. But what I could do as a student in school? When I heard the word " nigger " during a lesson, I started very loud and long scream until all ears are not pledged. And then I said : if you once again pronounce the word, I scream again. In the last two years at school I was beaten every day. But I weaned them to use that word, because they did not want to interrupt the lesson. The only profession associated with the care and love, which I have thought was medicine, so I decided that I would treat the poor. I also took a personal decision that every minute ,every second of my life I `ll be an instrument of peace and justice that will always be happy. I became a family doctor - the therapist. After that I realized that I must learn to love people. To this day, I spent two o`clock that dialed phone numbers at random and tried to talk with strangers interlocutors. For two years, I have 10 hours a week, I went up and down on the elevators in Washington, DC, to learn to be a person with whom any wish to talk to a man who all pretty, with whom you want to share. I wanted to learn to love and care for all people, a revolution of love.As soon as I became friendly to all people, the world has become the same and I repay.

How can the rude and aggressive people change simultaneously ?

- And this is the magic of humor ! I started to wear a clown suit, in my eyes flashed lights, I started playing with people - this is the magic, that`s why I live in a clown suit. For more than 30 years, when I find myself in a random witnessed scenes of violence, for example, when my husband pushing his wife in the parking lot, there is a fight in a store or in a bar, I turn into a clown, and it stops the fight. In 100 % of cases, I was able to stop the violence. It happened in front of me from 3000 to 5000 times! I can be called unusual superhero. I began writing to death row, sentenced to death. In the United States still applies the death penalty. I have written more than 300 suicide bombers, trying to figure out how they became murderers. None of them did not have a mother like mine. With such a mother is impossible to become a bad person.

How often do you travel with clown rounds ?

- Usually one year we make 9 clown visits. But most of the time I give lectures and perform. 5 - hour workshop entitled " Your smehostrategiya " 5 - hour workshop "Life is fun ", 5 -hour workshop " Joy care. "I have 50 theatrical performances, master classes and lectures. Sometimes up to 11 a day!

When you travel around the world to give lectures, to whom you have to play ? Who is your audience ?

- I spoke to the heads of the world`s leading companies, schools, annually I am speaking in the 40-50 universities - where the order will go back and eat.All of this helps me to raise money, because I build a free hospital in the state of West Virginia, in the United States. That`s my job : to prove that I can give people a free service of the most expensive in America - health care and reduce costs by 90 %.

At what stage is the construction of the hospital ?

- We are at the 42 th year. When we started in 1971 ,I was confident that we will finish the construction in the same year. I am sure I would because we do not have a hospital was a great need, but also because no one in the world has tried to do the same as us: to take the most expensive thing in the United States and give it to people for free. Cleaners, which usually receive $ 15,000 a year, and cardio-. Vascular surgeons, who receive about $ 2 million per year in our hospital to earn the same - $ 300 per month. Thousands of doctors and nurses each year apply for a job for $ 300 a month, because we have created a hospital that people refuse millions of salaries for the privilege to work with us!

It`s fine,but that without the financial support of the state, you will not be able to finish construction.

- I agree, but I`m collecting donations ! When you put such a global goal is to change the world, one can not complain about how slowly unfolds. Much more important is inspired by the fact that it is possible to do. If you look at the " Children of Mary" 20 years ago, it was all very different. When we started, we never dreamed that we would work outside the United States. At the moment, we are working in 40 countries. We built hospitals in third world countries, conduct health education programs around the world, many other projects.You have a lot of people like Maria Eliseeva, in other countries?

- I have received letters from more than 3000 organizations and companies from all over the world with approximately the following content : thanks to your example, we opened a clinic, a school, a shelter for the homeless, and so on. I am very closely in touch with Maria, but not with other project managers. All this - the consequences of my work, my books, the movie is just what I`m doing here 42 years. I have probably 50 000 letters from doctors who say, 20 years ago, I heard your speech, became a doctor and work in Africa. But I have written is not all ! When you put all the power ,aims to make a difference in society, can not complain that nothing changes.

They say that laughter heals. What is the connection between laughter and disease ?

- I never say " just laugh. " Do you know why I klounstvuyu ? Clowning - a trick that opens people to help love to express themselves. If you want to make a revolution of love ,the main question : how to share the love with a totally unfamiliar to you people? I definitely know that when I`m in a clown costume, I can reach out to 99 % of people in the world, I can hug them, start to play with them, to fabricate all sorts of tricks. Just think : 99 % ! If I try the same thing as an ordinary man in a gray suit ,I`ve got nothing. Therefore clowning - this is a trick, a magic key that helps me to discover the soul of any man in the world.

But if it helps change the lives of sick children ?

- You mean it helps if the physical layer ? Take, for example, a cancer : it is proved that laughter helps to increase the number of soldiers cellsthat destroy cancer cells. Laughter stimulates the immune system secretes endorphins - in a word, it`s all very positive biochemistry.

I know you do not like the movie " Patch Adams ", loosely based on your biography. What do you not like it ?

- I - an intellectual, I love art, serious novels, movies. " Patch Adams " -not the kind of movie, but I do not know of another film that would be so changed the world like this. Over time, I realized that not even the most highly artistic thing or phenomenon can have a huge impact, and inner beauty.

Your sons are involved in your projects ?

- One of them went to study in film school and took over 20 of our trips. Now he edits them to make a video course that will help educate people love. My youngest son, 10 years old stands with me. Now he is 25 and he was 45 rounds clown !

Tell us about your suit. Mean anything these earrings, for example?

- In every detail of my image has meaning and significance. We live in the world,where there is alienation, and I`m trying to change that. Therefore, I choose one of the 50 earrings, I have blue hair, a mustache, a bright colorful costume and laughing eyes ! I try to dress so that anyone was close could not resist and started talking to me, even if I do not speak his language.

I want peace and justice ,but I have no magic wand to wave at her all by itself settled. Instead, I myself can be the personification of peace and justice, I can raise children with the same principles, I give lectures, to make films, I can go into Afghanistan. .. It is our endeavor to help the hospital make a difference. Today clowns drive in 120 countries. When I started this, I`m all this, and could not have imagined ! Indeed, in the beginning I was just founded a hospital. I bring laughter, which allows you to discover the soul of Love

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