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Date of Birth: 02/24/1921

Age: 86

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Actress Patricia Kirkwood and Kirkwood, Pat was born in 1921 in England. While still in school Levenshulme High School in Manchester, fourteen Pat participated in a talent contest, and then hit with a musical number in the transfer of `Children`s Hour` the BBC. A few months later she had a chance to participate in the skit `The Schoolgirl Songstress at the Hippodrome`, then Patricia and got back in a few shows.

In 1938-39 Kirkwood can be seen in several movies, among them - a musical comedy by Norman Lee `Save a Little Sunshine` and musical Anthony Kimminca` Come on George `!. Very soon, for the performance of the song `My Heart Belongs to Daddy` actress gained considerable popularity.

In 1940, the actress played in the `Top of the World` in London, while the sky over the city was colored with from the bombing, and the city was burning fires. Later Kirkwood recalled that in spite of the bombing, the idea was going on, and the audience remained in their seats as the theater was still a safer place than the street. In 1940 she played in `Band Waggon` Marcel Varnelya, besides the war she continued to play on the stage, appearing in various productions of different theaters -` Lady Behave` in 1941, `Let`s Face It` in 1942 th, `Goody Two Shoes` in the 44th, and many others.

At the end of the war Kirkwood received a seven-year contract with `Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer` and` 20th Century Fox`, but she had to wait until the end of the war, before heading to the shooting in America. And before that, Pat managed to emerge with the title character, Sue Brown, the British film-musical `Flight from Folly`.

In 1946 he came out American comedy with its participation under the name `No Leave, No Love`, shooting her film director Charles Martin, and besides Kirkwood played starring Van Johnson and Keenan Wynn.

In 1948, Pat Kirkwood became a target for a very active rumor about her meeting with the Duke of Edinburgh. The press was full of non-existent, according to the most Pat, details that have infuriated the royal family. The very same Pat has repeatedly declared that there is nothing forbidden in her meeting with the Duke was not and could not be. Whatever it was, the gossip was quite scandalous and exaggerated for a long time.

In film and television actress starred increasingly rare, all her work is focused on the theater and pantomime. On her account - a huge number of stage works, including musicals, variety shows, pantomimes.

In 1999, Pat Kirkwood was the author of an autobiography, entitled `The Time of My Life`.

The actress died on December 25, 2007, from Alzheimer`s disease; the same disease ruined at the time and her mother. She died at the age of 86 years, at Christmas, in a nursing home in West Yorkshire.

The actress was married twice, the children she did not.

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