Pat Garrett

Picture of Pat Garrett

Date of Birth: 06/05/1850

Age: 57

Place of birth: Cassettes

Citizenship: United States


Patrick Floyd Garrett `Pet` (Patrick` Pat` Garrett Floyd) was born on June 5 th 1850, in the cassette, Alabama (Cusseta, Alabama), and grew up on a prosperous Louisiana plantation, near Haynesville (Haynesville). He left home in 1869 and became a cowboy in Dallas County, Texas (Dallas County, Texas), and from 1875-th hunted hunting buffalo. In 1878-m Garrett shot and killed his fellow hunter, who, because of disagreements went at it with an ax.

After moving to New Mexico, while Patrick was again a cowboy until he opened his own saloon. Great of host pub locals nicknamed Juan Largo ( `Juan Largo`) or Long John. In 1879-m Garrett married Juanita Gutierrez (Juanita Gutierrez), who died, not having lived with him a year. Then in 1880, he tried his luck a second time - and married Juanita sister, Apolinar (Apolinaria). The couple were born nine children.

November 7, 1880 George Kimbell (George Kimbell), Lincoln County Sheriff resigned. He was succeeded by Pat, at that time already a member of the GOP (Republican Party), who enjoyed fame as a Democrat and a man at arms, who had promised to restore law and order. New sheriff tracked down and arrested his friend, who had escaped from prison party `voyny` Lincoln (Lincoln County War) Henry McCarty, who was also known by the aliases Henry Antrim (Henry Antrim) and William Harrison Bonney (William Harrison Bonney), but most of all as a Billy the Kid.

First, during a shootout on December 19, 1880 Patrick McCarthy killed gang member, Tom O`Folliarda (Tom O`Folliard), and December 23, finished Boudra Charlie (Charlie Bowdre) and captured the Kid and his henchmen. The prisoners were taken to the Mesilla (Mesilla) for trial, but later the convict Billy managed to escape from prison, the first April 28, 1881 th, after he shot two guards, Olindzhera Bob (Bob Olinger) and George. W. Bell ( JW Bell).

Garrett on 14 July 1881 of cronies visited the Kid in Fort Sumner (Fort Sumner), to interrogate them. He found out that Billy the Kid is staying with his son land baron, Maxwell Pete (Pete Maxwell), their common friend with the sheriff. Around midnight, Patrick crept to Maxwell`s house in another part of which Billy middle of the night was awakened by hunger and went to the other bedroom, where, hidden in the shadows, waiting for him a representative of the law. Kid did not recognize the man standing in the dark, and twice asked: `` Who is this, then pat twice replied shots. The first bullet hit above the heart, and the second flew past. Henry McCarty was killed.

However, among historians it has been much debate about what happened in the bedroom. For example, if Garrett McCarthy killed without warning, in the end, it would have tarnished his reputation as a bailiff. the sheriff himself said that Billy the Kid entered the room, armed with a pistol, but the weapon on the ground was found killed. Someone says that Kid floated a kitchen knife. Whatever it was, not even direct evidence that once a criminal and sheriff were friends.

Later, Garrett became the owner of the ranch, and published a book, written for him by his friend Ash Upson (Ash Upson), in 1882 about his misadventures with McCarthy. However, he failed to win re-election to the post of sheriff, and he lost the award to $ 500, so he killed Billy the Kid, and not brought him alive. In 1882 he lost the election to the post of sheriff in Grant, New Mexico (Grant County, New Mexico), and in 1884 did not get into the State Senate of New Mexico.

In the twilight of his life, Pat retired to his ranch in New Mexico, but he could not live in peace because of the approaching of its economic difficulties. He owed large sums of money without paying taxes, and legally was responsible for unpaid loans taken together with his friend. Garrett climbed into another debt, because of what began to drink and no action gambling. His ways are constantly crossed by Oliver M. Lee (Oliver M. Lee) and corrupt attorney Lee, Albert Fall (Albert Fall), who always came out unscathed, intimidating local farmers and citizens, and entered into illegal land deals.

The main creditor Patrick was a relative of Oliver V. Cox (WW Cox), who worked on the deal, on which a quarter horse ranch Garrett on the hillside of San Andres (San Andres) turned into pasture for one of Cox`s partner, Jesse Wayne Brazel ( Jesse Wayne Brazel). First, Pat agreed to all conditions, but when it became clear that Brazel was going to graze goats, felt that it could reduce the cost of land in the eyes of customers and other tenants.

Garrett and a man named Carl Adamson (Carl Adamson), participated in the negotiation of land redemption, drove from Las Cruces (Las Cruces) in the wagon Adamson. On their way on horseback appeared Brazel. It is believed that flared Garrett and Brazel began to argue about the grazing of goats, and the first of them bent down to pick up the shotgun from the footboard. Then Brazel shot him once in the head, and then again in the stomach, and Garrett fell off the wagon. Carl Brazel and left the body on the side of the road and rushed to report the incident.

At trial, Jesse Brazel insisted on self-defense, claiming that Patrick was armed and threatened him with a shotgun. Adamson confirmed these words. The jury in less than half an hour back to the acquittal, after which Cox to celebrate, have a barbecue.

For tall Pat Garrett`s coffin was found ready to match, so we had to wait for a special box for the burial of the dead from El Paso. The funeral service was held on 5 March 1908. Patrick was buried next to her daughter Ida (Ida), who died eight years earlier.