Picture of Passafire

Year of birth : 2003

Age: 12 years

Place of birth : Savannah, Georgia, USA

Citizenship : United States

Wild dare to rock and reggae

`Passafire` - American band from Savannah, Georgia (Savannah, Georgia), who plays a young and not yet fully -formed genre of reggae -rock. The group was founded in the year 2003, and since then has successfully gives concerts and records albums and promotes their sound ,which is dominated by heavy guitar riffs, lyrics and carefree classical to reggae vocal genre.

Today the music world suffered dozens of experiments on combining genres : some were successful and gradually took its place in the world of music, while others, on the contrary, did not cause anything but laughter, and quickly disappeared from his eyes. HoweverIt is difficult, perhaps, to come up with two more distant from each other genre than rock and reggae - everything from texts and finishing tools in them is different. However, the guys from Georgia still managed to find the right proportions and become perhaps the first reggae - rock band in the world.

`Passafire` Group has its origins in the year 2003 ,when the students of the College of Art and Design in Savannah (Savannah College of Art and Design) decided to start a band and try their luck in the music industry. All of them from childhood studied music and played well on musical instruments, but the experience of playing in a group, they had a little bit - so I had to start all over from the beginning.Guitarist and vocalist of the new team became Ted Bown (Ted Bowne), for piano and effects sat Mike DeGuzmen (Mike DeGuzman), drummer was chosen Nick Kubli (Nick Kubley), and the second vocalist and bass guitarist was his brother Will (Will Kubley) . Some time potrebovlos to record the first songs and course selection ,sound and possible prospects. But after a few months in the same year 2003, a group `Passafire` gave his first concert in spite of the wild mix of genres, music listeners relished, and the group continued to work.

Soon, the group presented its first album `Passafire`, which, however, was released only in small editions. The second plate group - `Submersible` - was slightly more popular, but it also was not included in the charts, and generally go unnoticed at the national level. Only a third album, `Everyone on Everynight` and recorded on the label group ` Pepper`, `LAW Records`, drew attention to a group of critics and fans of reggae across the globe. The most successful record in the history of the band probably was the fourth studio album `Start From Scratch`, which appeared on the shelves of music stores in the fall of 2011. The album was Paul Leary (Paul Leary), worked with bands such as `The Reverend Horton Heat`,` Pepper`, `Bad Livers`,` Slightly Stoopid`,`The Refreshments` and many others. After the release of the album almost immediately hit the hit parade of the best reggae album `Billboard Top Regge Albums`, and after a while it took 6 place.

Soon the band signed with the label `Easy Star Records`, whose representatives noted the successful combination of heavy rock and light reggae parties ,which gives the sound a progressive tinge, which is extremely lacking young groups. Critics have noted that each new work is different from the previously recorded material.

The musicians admit that musical activity is much harder than it looks, but they do not regret their choice. Preferring to live performances of the studio, the musicians performed with such legendary bands and musicians such as `311`,` Rebelution`, `Pepper`,` Matisyahu` and `The Wailers`.

` Serve with live concerts - is the best way to maintain the interest of fans - told members of the group in an interview - but that Thereforereally makes live performances feature - it is the people we meet, the places where we have not been. Every day we are in a new place, where there is always something new, unknown. If from the beginning we spent more time in the studio, we would not have toured so much, it is unlikely that we would have been as successful as seychas`.

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