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99 -cent diet and how to lose a hundred kg

Perhaps each emaciated person has a reference point, a moment of enlightenment when they suddenly realize that everything, it`s time to change something, you have to start to lose weight.

For LosAngeles musician and fashion designer Joe Aviance Pope (Papa Joe Aviance) a moment of enlightenment came in 2009, when he saw himself on television in the music video for the song `Last Night a DJ Saved my Life`. So, when he saw himself on the screen, he simply could not believe just how great he was. ` In me was 450 pounds (200 kg) weight ,I was only two cheeseburgers from diabetes - says Aviance - I just hated sebya`. And then he decided : ` ` It`s now or never !

To begin with Aviance literally crushed all at the kitchen, I threw everything out of the fridge and got rid of candy - candy, cookies, soda and other temptations. He decided to drink only water or iced tea, and in addition,Papa Joe`s has introduced a rule - no fast food. By the way, by the time the usual daily norm Aviance had two two-liter bottles of `Mountain Dew`.

At that time, Papa Joe Aviance was out of work, but because money was tight, and about any membership in a sports club or a visit to the gym it was not. I had to manage on their own.

So,start their training Aviance decided to walk. It turned out that in recent years, heavy with Aviance was surprisingly hard to walk fast - at first he only reached the end of kvartalapovorachival ago. Gradually load rose, and he began to get around the block, then did several laps ,and finally Papa Joe Aviance began to pass daily several miles.

So, fighting with each other and with kilograms, Aviance thinking about healthy eating, and once one of his friends advised him to store ` 99 -Cent Store`. It turned out that the 99 -cent store full of good and healthy food, and Aviance discovered that oatmeal, raisins, nuts, bananas, apples, Oranges, peppers, spinach, lettuce, sauce, tuna and egg diet can make a beautiful and at the same budget it will remain in good order.

` I was shocked. I was amazed - says Aviance - It was just a huge savings. I literally did not spend more than $ 50 a week on edu`.

The first results appeared in three or four weeks ,and three months later he said to himself : ` Hey, it works ` His clothes Aviance regularly wore a seamstress to take in, and his walks have become a compulsory part of every day !.

For 18 months Aviance lost 250 pounds (about 113 kg) for the half year he became a star among the neighbors who encouraged and cheered him, and besides,During this time he simply ran away from the risk of diabetes, high holeterina and other evils of fat people.

Now, during his walks and Aviance does push-ups. ` City - my gym, the pavement - my running dorozhka` - laughing, he says.

By the way, today, Papa Joe Aviance became famous not only as a musician,but also for its wonderful reincarnation. Thus, he travels and lectures about healthy lifestyle, telling people where to begin struggle with weight, as well as sharing experience, how to feed themselves and their families at a very low price. Today`s Papa Joe Aviance lives in harmony with himself and his new body and feels entirely happy man

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Papa Joe Aviance picture
Papa Joe Aviance photo
Papa Joe Aviance image
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