Panteleymon Georgadze

Picture of Panteleymon Georgadze

Age: 84

Citizenship: Georgia


Panteleimon Giorgadze Ivanovich was born in 1925 in Georgia, died March 3, 2009. He was a famous politician, the leader of the Communist Party of Georgia.

Panteleimon Giorgadze was born in the village of Gomi, Georgia. He graduated from the Georgian Industrial School, after he entered the Alma-Ata School. Already in his youth Panteleimon wanted to become a famous politician. He has always fiercely defended the people`s rights and fighting for fairness and justice.

In 1956, Giorgadze became a student of the Military Academy of Internal Affairs of the USSR. And in 1973, he decided to continue his education in the USSR of Academy GenshtabaMO.

Panteleimon Giorgadze was bright and influential politician. He had good relations with many influential personalities in the world.

For a long time in the higher echelons of power Giorgadze held a post as a chairman of the Council of the UCP-CPSU. A little later he took the post of co-chairman of the People`s Patriotic Union of Georgia.

Panteleimon Giorgadze was in opposing relations with President Saakashvili. Often, he indicts the President in the "pro-NATO" policy. Giorgadze said that many of Saakashvili`s reforms aimed not at improving the life of the Georgian people and the establishment of good relations in the United States and the European Union.

Periodically, the Georgian special services organized searches in the house Giorgadze. Just under state prosecution is Giorgadze`s son, Igor. The repression of the authorities in relation to the Communists are becoming tougher and tougher, as the Communist Party is one of the main opposing forces of Saakashvili`s government.

The people loved and respected Panteleimon Giorgadze. In 2007 he was awarded the Order of Friendship of South Ossetia. The politician has put a lot of effort to improve zhiznosetin. He always knew that this people hard to be a part of Georgia, he supported their aspirations for peace and tranquility.

Panteleimon Giorgadze died on March 3, 2009 in Tbilisi. The news of the death of the policy has led many to think about the future of the Communist Party of Georgia. But things made Giorgadze still make life easier for many residents of this country.

Panteleimon Giorgadze Ivanovich became one of the most striking Georgian Communists. He will go down in history of the country as a man fighting for the Georgian people and friendly relations with Russia.