Pamvo Berynda

Picture of Pamvo Berynda

Citizenship: Ukraine


Pamvo Berynda was born in the middle of the XVI century in Galicia. There was a most educated man of his time. Owned ancient Greek, Latin, Old Slavonic, Hebrew. In the mid-1590s he became friendly with Bishop Lviv Gideon Balaban, who discovered on his estate in Stryatine printing press and invited Beryndu organize its work. In 1597 he moved to Berynda Stryatin and starts publishing. In 1604 he, together with Simeon Budzyn, publishes "Missal" and in 1606 - "Book of Needs". In the same in 1606, moved from Berynda Stryatina in Przemysl, work in Gdansk Orthodox bishop Michael Kopystensky and activities stryatinskoy printing stopped.

Between 1610 and 1613 years Pamvo Berynda widowed and became a monk. In 1614-1616 he served in the printing of the Lviv Dormition brotherhood.

In 1615 the Kiev-Pechersk Archimandrite Elisha Pletenetsky acquired dormant Stratinska printing press and again invited to work Pamvo Beryndu. Subsequently Pletenetsky brought printing house entirely of Stryatina in Kiev, where they have laid the basis for future printing of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. In 1619 Berynda with his son Lukas moved to Kiev and worked in the printing house to the end of life, and in the period from 1627 to 1629 and the years 1620 vozglavlyal.V Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophanes III honored Pamvo Beryndu protosyncellus title. Died Pamvo Berynda July 13, 1632 in Kiev.


At various times Berynda worked on writing, editing and publishing of books and woodcuts as:

"Missal" (Stryatin, 1604)

"Book of Needs" (Stryatin, 1606)

"John Chrysostom book of the priesthood" (Lviv, 1614)

Woodcut depicting John the Evangelist (Lviv, 1616)

"Verse for Christmas of the Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ" (Lviv, 1616)

"Anfologion" (Kyiv, 1619)

"Nomocanon" (Kyiv, 1620)

"John Chrysostom, Conversations on the 14 letters of the Apostle Paul" (Kyiv, 1623)

"Conversations of St. John Chrysostom on the Acts of the Apostles" (Kyiv, 1624)

"Commentary on" Apocalypse "Andrew of Caesarea" (Kyiv, 1625)

"Lenten Triodion" (Kyiv, 1627)

"From Otechnika skitskago The remarkable story of the Devil" (Kyiv, 1627) (attributed)

"Lexicon slavenorossky Albo name interpretation" (Kyiv, 1627) - the first Dictionary of Church Slavonic words with translation into Ukrainian.

"The teachings of Abba Dorotheus" (Kyiv, 1628)

"Lyubomudreyshago kir Agapito glavizny pouchitelny" (Kyiv, 1628)

Woodcut "Dungeon godly saints osuzhdennik" (Kyiv, 1629)

"Imnologii" (Kyiv, 1630) - eulogy-acrostic dedicated to Petro Mohyla

"Lenten color" (Kyiv, 1631)