Pamteleymon Kulish

Picture of Pamteleymon Kulish

Date of Birth: 08/07/1819

Age: 77

Place of birth: Voronezh

Citizenship: Ukraine


Born in the town of Voronezh Glukhovski former county Chernigov province (now Shostka district of the Sumy region). There was a child of the second marriage of a wealthy farmer Alexander Andreyevich and daughter Cossack lieutenant Ivan Gladkiy - Catherine. The farm near Voronezh childhood heard different tales, legends, folk songs from the mother. Was he and "spiritual mother" - a neighbor on farms Ulyana Terentievna Muzhilovskaya, who insisted on his teaching in Novgorod-Seversky school.

On his first conscious years of life and learning Kulish later tell stories in "History Ulyana Terentevna" (1852), "Feklusha" (1856) and "Yakov" (1852). However, his first literary work was the story of "Gypsy" that is based on a folk tale heard from his mother.

Since the end of 1830. Kulish - free student in the University of Kiev. However, he did not manage to become a university student, and stopped attending lectures in 1841. In Kulish was no documentary evidence of noble origin, although his father belonged to the Cossack petty family. Consequently, Kulish did not have the right to study at university. While Kulish wrote the "Little Russian stories" in Russian: "The fact of that in the town of Voronezh dry Peshevtsov becoming" and "About what happened with Kozak Burdyug on Green Week" and the story based on folk tales "Fire snakes ".

Thanks to the patronage of schools inspector M. Yuzefovich received a teaching position at the Lutsk noble school. At that time, he wrote in Russian historical novel "Michael Charnyshenko ..." verse historical chronicle "Ukraine" and the story-idyll "Orisya". Later Kulish works in Kyiv, Rivne, and when the magazine "Contemporary" starts to publish in 1845 the first part of his famous novel "Chorna Rada", Rector of St. Petersburg University P. Pletnev (together with the editor of "Contemporary") invites him to the capital to as a senior school teacher and a lecturer of the Russian language for foreign university students.

Two years later the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences on the recommendation of P. Kulish sends a mission to Western Europe for the study of Slavic languages, history, culture and art. He travels with his 18-year-old wife, Alexandra Mikhailovna Belozerskaya, whom he married January 22, 1847 Boyar`s wedding was one Panteleimon - Taras Shevchenko.

However, already in Warsaw Kulish kakchlena Cyril and Methodius Brotherhood was arrested and returned to St. Petersburg, where for three months he was interrogated in the office III. To prove that it belongs to a secret anti-government organization failed. However, the sentence read: "... although it did not belong to the said company, however, was in friendly relations with all its stakeholders and ... put even published their works a lot of ambiguous spaces that could instill in Ukrainians thought of right them on separate existence by Empire - Alexis ravelin put in four months, and then sent to the service in the Vologda ...