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Year of birth : 1990

Age: 25 years

Place of birth : San Diego, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


This American team playing in rapcore style or in another nu- metal,It was founded in 1992 in the suburbs of San Diego (nicknamed Southtown) guitarist Marcos (Marcos Kurel) and drummer Vuvom (DVD Noah Bernardo Jr.) . The name "P.O.D." - Is an abbreviation of "Payable on death".

Soon the boys joined Vuva cousin - Sonny (Paul Sandoval) , and later bassist Traa from Cleveland (Mark Traa Daniels) . Although the band played a mixture of aggressive hardcore, hip-hop, punk and metal, the text refers to a religious order.

Not hiding his Christian views, the staff chose as the logo of the triptych, as if representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The first performance of "P.O.D." It took place at the opening concert of "Face to face",and the next time the musicians warmed up "Green day".

P.O.D. warriors band`s first album was financed itself by organizing his own label "Rescue Records" for their release. Particular success of these releases had. For example, the disc 1996 "Brown" has sold only 30

000 copies. The team traveled the states ,opening concerts of bands such as "Kid Rock", "Cypress Hill" and others. The turning point for "P.O.D." It turned the signing of the contract with "Atlantic Records" in 1998. Released the following year the album "Fundamental Elements Of Southtown" was in first place in the charts "Billboard" and soon it reached a circulation of one million copies.In San Diego, a record named " album of the year. " Shock hit was the single "Rock The Party", the video for which won the first place among the clips on "MTV Total Request Live Show".

P.O.D. The year 2000 the team spent on tour in the company of "Staind", "Crazy town", "Linkin park", "Korn" and "Kid rock". Also "P.O.D." We participated in the "Ozzfest" and festivals"Return Of The Rock". With the participation of renowned producer Rick Rubin musicians recorded the soundtrack "School Of Hard Knocks" to Adam Sandler film "Little Nicky". In 2000, the remix and were republished early releases "Snuff The Punk" and "Brown". In autumn 2001 the band released their second album, "Satellite",who immediately after the release took a worthy position in the charts "Billboard". As Sonny said, " this CD is dedicated to the departed from our loved ones, who take care of us from heaven and protect us."

Compared with the early work on the album was more hits. The most popular compositions have become "Alive", "Satellite", "Set It Off","Youth Of The Nation", as well as made with zakosom reggae "Without Jah, Nothin`" and "Ridiculous".

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