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Combining funk in his work with hip-hop and pop, jazz and eras - and- bi, P. M. DAWN became the target of criticism from repperskogo world. However, this did not prevent them for eight years of successful concerts and release albums. The group is a duo Ettrella brothers (singer and songwriter) and Jarrett Kordessov. They grew up in Jersey City, not the most prosperous district of New York. His father died of pneumonia, later drowned two-year brother Duncan. However, his stepfather appeared soon took to the boys, as family.Music in a large family Kordessov engaged in almost all (their uncles and aunts - once rappers and DJs - were at the beginnings of hip-hop, and the adoptive father was a drummer in the early part of KOOL AND THE GANG). At family parties gained access to music and brothers. It is noteworthy that, collecting a library, Kordessy never shared music into categories, Styles and trends. And their music, they also do not want to enter into any frame.

After high school, he worked as a night guard Ettrell in a homeless shelter. Having a lot of spare time, I began to compose songs and sell them (and pay for them good) . Skopje $ 600 for their first demo ,Ettrell (even then Prince BBC, Prince Be) suggested Jarrett (future Mynydd DJ mix, DJ Minute Mix) to join him. Thus arose P. M. DAWN duo, which in 1989 signed a contract "Gee Street Records", label THE JUNGLE BROTHERS and STEREO MC`s.

P. M. DAWN rose hiphop to new heights his third and most famous early work Set Adrift On Memory`s Bliss, taking as a basis the samples from the song SPANDAU BALLET True. This single took third place in the UK and soon headed the American charts, opening the door melodic hip-hop, which in the early 1990s gg.esche not popular. P. M.DAWN considered themselves followers of the Daisy Age camp, whose representatives were bright DE LA SOUL and THE JUNGLE BROTHERS. They were a little hip-hop. To find their original sound, Prince Be rummaged for hundreds or even thousands of songs the most, it would seem,the polar styles and began to include them in a very unusual song samples of your project imposing on them a unique soft voice, like a soul musician. DJ Minute Mix standing at the turntables.

His first P. M. DAWN album recorded in England. In September 1991, "Of The Heart,Of The Soul And Of The Cross: The Utopian Experience " was recognized on both sides of the Atlantic and sold a million copies. The press Kordessov brothers became known as " the creators of the most enjoyable music that is able to give birth to hip- hop. "New single Looking Through Patient Eyes with samples of the famous songs of George Michael Father Figure prefaced the output of their second album. In the new work can be heard duet with Prince Be the idol of his youth, Boy George (Boy George) in the song More Than Likely, an interesting interpretation of the classics THE BEATLES Norwegian Wood,which launched the rap serenade, and Fly Me To The Moon with samples U2 The Fly. At this time, the brothers changed their nicknames : Prince Be became The Nocturnal, and DJ Minute Mix - J.C./ The Eternal.

The Bliss Album. ..? (Vibrations Of Love And Anger And The Ponderance Of Life And Existence) to fully express their life searchtheir philosophy and in music. There are touching and tender ballad rap, samples compete with live instruments, the texts are often forced to smile.

During the break between the second and third albums, P. M. DAWN proven to be excellent producers, remixers and songwriters for others. They worked with Elton John, Naomi Campbell, Jody Watley ,Phillip Bailey, SIMPLY RED and CHARLES AND EDDIE, participated in several charity events and record tribute album.

The work on the album Jesus Wept they turned their eyes towards the religion, advocating that, to keep the principle of the individuality of each person of faith (for which God is primarily connected with love ,and not with fear) . Jesus Wept was very controversial album (recorded not in England, as its predecessors, but in America) . There is very little left of the rap, most likely their new style could be described as psychedelic soul music. It became obvious after the appearance of Downtown Venus singleswhich was executed in the best traditions of Prince, TALKING HEADS and Harry Nilsson. But the most remarkable moment on this disc is not so much music as silence and peacefulness of a small fragment, which was recorded at Martin Luther King `s funeral and placed into the middle of the album. Nothing makes you wonder ,the absolute silence followed by a boisterous start. The album is very personal. In the press, he insisted that Prince Be / The Nocturnal can not read the recitative and keep the rhythm, and perhaps himself Ettrell Kordess believed it. He said : "If the majority thinks I - lousy rapper ,I accept the criticism and am not going to deal with is no longer in the business. "

His fourth album Dearest Christian, I`m So Very For Bringing You Here. Love, Dad, experimental and melodic at the same time, radiating harmony and love, Prince Be dedicated to his three-year son, Christian.

Discography :

Of The Heart,Of The Soul And Of The Cross: The Utopian Experience (1991)

The Bliss Album...? (Vibrations Of Love And Anger And The Ponderance Of Life And Existence)

Jesus Wept

Dearest Christian, I`m So Very For Bringing You Here. Love, Dad

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