Oxana Misina

Picture of Oxana Misina

Date of Birth: 03/15/1961

Age: 55

Place of birth: Chisinau

Citizenship: Russia

Stray Thumbelina named Oksana

Author: Olga Ryabinin

Website: Celebrities

- Oksana, you gave the impression of no age, and even sort of adult child ...

- Yes Yes. I still often fly in a dream. Grow, probably ... (laughs). Although much much more? Not so long ago had a dream: I pushed off from the ground, flew, but I began to pursue two nasty men. And suddenly - from a height of crumbled enveloping grits, fluffy and comfortable. I said then: "Well this was manna from heaven!" I exclaimed: "Oh, how wonderful!"

- Who are you in your dreams and fantasies?

- Little girl. Moreover, long-legged, but short stature. With a small spout. I`m one of the directors said: "You`re in my heart Thumbelina, I`ll let you play it." I grew up a long time, and suddenly vymahala 15 years. Therefore, inside left feeling that I was a little girl. Still. Perhaps it`s good, there is something to engage in dialogue with itself. Although as a child, on the contrary, I have been tragic, adult perception of life. For example, in the 5 years I have left home "forever." Winter, storm, wearing a red coat with black collar, then stood in the cold for a long time with the thoughts that never go back to the people who do not understand me. I do not play with dolls. There were friends - the boys are in love with me. I ran with them in the yard, the streets and felt full. And now I am more frivolous.

- You brought up strictly, even had to leave the house?

- Yes and no. Forced to read, for example. I resisted, because my first book was about the tragedy: a small dog in the final sinking. As I read, someone asked a problematic question: "Well, it finally sunk?" And I hated all the books again. Always happy with tantrums when I was forced to read. It was not until as long as I do not get the "Robinson Crusoe". This book is still the favorite. When she wants to live and be happy.

- Oksana, perhaps, but you could risk putting entreprise "Quixote and Sancho" entirely on their money and play in it Actor - Panza ...

- Almost all the funds were spent, that I earned a "family secret." We bought a car, we carry on her decorations, lights, costumes. It helped John (spouse Oksana American John Friedman - drama, playwright, writer - Ed.).. Of course, while "Theatrical Brotherhood Oksana Mysina" - not a profitable business ... By the way, I learned to drive a car during the shooting. I wanted before, but I had this attitude for all living things, that when, during our previous lessons with John driving the car appeared in front of a person or a cat, I stopped and cried: "Oh Lord, what will happen to them ?!" Then John said, "It`s not yours, forget it as a nightmare." And now I drive. And I feel good at the wheel. Ready to go wherever necessary and not necessary just to go.

- And what about Moscow traffic jams, which are irritating to death?

- Never plug has not provoked! Several times it was that we had to throw the car and run on the play, but that`s okay. And if you do not hurry, then plug into joy: you sit, listen to your favorite jazz. And if at this time rain drumming on the glass ...

- But there is not only jazz, rain and naked enthusiasm. Eat, for example, want to ... Here you are, being in free flight, playing in different theaters: Youth Theatre, Chekhov Art Theater. Chekhov`s New Drama, but participated only in one entreprise - "Kitchen" Oleg Menshikov. But you probably often invited different directors.

- It is important that it was interesting to work with. And the money ... But in Russia all live for today, I`m not alone. I do not think about old age. Some actors say, "How are you going to live when leave to retire?" I`m not going to retire, why? In an extreme case I die on stage. Though, probably, I argue, because it helps me a lot, John. Now he is going to leave the profession criticism, because I do not have time to work on yourself - write novels, screenplays. Recently, together with Eugene Lungin he wrote a great script.

- I hope it is designed for you?

- For me and Julia Rutberg.

- As far as we know, you are her friend. Although such different ...

- Yes. We long to get accustomed to each other, and all of a sudden became friends as if he had known all his life. You`re right, Julia different. But we like kinship. Julia more ironic, clever, sharp-tongued. I - contemplative, silent. Although ... sometimes I lose who I really was. Because there is a role, which strongly affect on me, and I to them. Often I feel like an open conductor. Having played the show, and it seems that he had been in another world, another life lived. And then just getting ready for the next performance. The output of the neem home aerobics, dance like crazy, come in shape after the emotional cost. Then there is a sense of renewal, the hands are easy ...

- If an actress so belongs to the theater, or she alone, or in her series of marriages. You and John together 12 years. A unique case?

- May be. We just understand each other. Economy - John, how to put the furniture - it is too. I call it the Minister of taste. I do not have that gift. Here in the theater I can feel a lot. But in real life - no. When we lived in Lyubertsy, in a tiny apartment - to be happy, we are not confused life. For me, the house - it is an opportunity to relax, work out, gather strength.

- Oksana, once you intrigued fans, saying that may have played Hamlet. So it will happen or not?

- Victor Cork, author of the play, which was staged for "Quixote and Sancho", wrote another play, "Gamlet.RU" - an amazing and paradoxical. I hope that everything goes and we begin to work on its formulation. Recently the director Boris Milgram read the last three plays crust - "Hecuba", "Don Juan" and "Gamlet.RU" and was delighted with the freshness and the talent of this drama, we may with him think of something.

- Hand on heart, to be a free artist - it is bad or good?

- If I were in the framework of the theater, I somehow would be constrained hierarchy, incomprehensible diplomacy. After all, I maximalist, and it is in the theater many perceive as giddiness, scandalous. I`m demanding on yourself, and it seems to me that the same should be demanded from all and in the theater. You can not be warm, you have to be hot! For example, I do not understand how the actors in the theater can solve crossword puzzles, come, to put it mildly, not the form. I am ashamed of them and I explode. So I have some time - the period of wandering actress. I have to work with people that are close in spirit. Bitter, but this brotherhood in the theater can not be.