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Date of Birth: 07/11/1967

Age: 49

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: Russia



Fandera Oksana was born in Odessa. Her father is half Ukrainian, half Gypsy - impulsive, jealous man - belonged to an ancient Roma family, and my mother was Jewish. Here`s a bright, energetic "cocktail" of blood and led to the fact that this girl grew Oksana-disaster. She climbed on construction sites, stealing his grandmother cherry brandy, tadpoles bred in the aquarium, which then turned into frogs, and rode through all the rooms. Once Oksana with her sister, wanting to make mom a gift, carved from a pack hundred ruble banknotes portraits of Lenin, creating a collage of them. One can imagine the reaction of my mother ... In short, according to the very same Oksana Fandera, it was "a nightmare for the whole family."

In 12 years, Oxana could become known throughout the country. Young girl claimed to be the T-shirts in the famous film "The Adventures of Electronics". But in the end I played the girlfriend Oksana Alekseeva Electronics and Oksana Vander got cameo schoolgirl. However, the first step in the film was made.

When Oksana 14 years old, her mother remarried and they moved to Moscow.

What is a national issue, Oksana knew as a child. So when she received the passport, on the question: "Who put it down - a Jew or a Ukrainian" she literally screamed "Ukrainka!". "And in a more conscious age, to be honest, I had great difficulty and effort to convince himself that nationality is nothing good or bad - it`s just a fact. I went through a difficult path before you say to yourself, enough to blush when it comes to the Jews ... "- says Oksana.

Moscow Beauty

After school, sixteen Oksana decided to enter the GITIS. But there it failed. The course is gaining a famous actor Vladimir Andreev. He saw in the fragile, thin girl, who came from Odessa, lyrical heroine. But Oksana it were their views. Struggling with his romantic appearance, she appeared in the exam in clothes several sizes larger. And "a snack" sang something from Willy Tokarev and throwing a few clownish pranks, discouraged by no means academic catchwords high commission. As a result, the exam was a resounding failure.

Well, with the acting profession had to wait a little while, and Oksana Fandera arranged to work in the Fashion House of Vyacheslav Zaitsev, but not a model, and the secretary-typist. Then she happened to work foreman child mannequins in the House at Kuznetsky Most models and even cleaner in "Fashion Theatre" Lydia Soselia.

The revolution in the life of Oksana has occurred in 1987. Once, walking through Moscow, she saw a huge queue of some girls. As it turned out, they all wanted to get on the first competition "Moscow beauty". The impulsive nature of Oksana pushed her to take part in this action. Although not suitable for competition clothes - jeans and a shirt - she liked the selection committee. In the final, won by Masha Kalinina, and Oksana became one of the winners of the contest. This success has opened up broad prospects for the girl ...

The first serious role in the movie

Thanks to the competition "Moscow beauty" on Oksana immediately drew the attention of filmmakers and began vying invited to appear in a fairly serious roles. Already in the same 1987, she played a detective Valery Fedosov `Morning highway. " Aspiring actress had a hard - on the set had to prove their worth. And that she was able to.

For the "highway Morning" followed by new work in film. The melodrama Alexander Blanca "Winter in Paradise" and kinopritche Alexander Ivanov-Sukharevsky "Ship" Oksana Fandera played teenage girls, challenging the family, trying to prove to the world that they are worth something, shocking others with their antics.


The first success has not gone head Oksana. She soon realized the need for a professional acting education.

Talented girl took the famous director Anatoly Vasilyev at his course. It is said that at the first meeting with the master, they sat in silence for 40 minutes, then Vasilyev said, "Do not read anything to me, all of a sudden I did not like you? Just come to class. "

A heavy, oppressive nature Vasilyeva known to many. Oksana often had to step over themselves for further studies, which she gave herself completely. This went on for about a year, and then gave her temperament itself felt. Oksana, finding occasion, gone off course, but, despite this, still calls himself "Vasilievka" actress.


By the time Oksana was already married. With Philip Jankowski, the son of prominent actor Oleg Yankovsky, she met in 1988. Phillip a month after they met offered to marry him. Frankly, Oksana was a little afraid that the groom`s parents do not approve of the marriage, but Oleg and Ludmila first started talking about the wedding, when it was discovered that she was pregnant.

Jankowski with great cordiality Oksana took into their family. Oleg Ivanovich was for his daughter the most important advisor and judge in the world of cinema.

In the happy couple had a son John and daughter Elizabeth, whose grandfather just loves. "Sometimes I think that Lisa and Ivan - my children, so strong my love for grandchildren", - says Oleg Yankovsky.


As a theater actress Oksana Fandera realized itself in the entreprise. She played with the "Of Mice and Men" Dmitry Kharatyan in the play, and then at the famous Tatiana Dogileva in the play "Moonlight, honeymoon." Its game in the "Moonlight ..." critics noted as follows: "... the plastic, manners heroine - on the verge of" foul ", but allows you to self-irony typical of Vander still does not pass this face. Being not a "vamp", a clown. " He praised the work of Oksana and Oleg Yankovsky.

The very same actress claims that has found itself in the role of Masha in the controversial play by Vladimir Sorokin`s "Honeymoon". Oksana Fandera says: "... The play" Honeymoon "I play Masha Rubinstein, a Jewish girl from the professor`s family, free from all kinds of prejudices and conventions. Kind of a rip emerged from the Moscow secular environment the mid-90`s, which nevertheless is able to act, capable of love ... However, this is only a part - albeit the best - my Masha. The other part - secular-Moscow, contemptuous towards the world and people, in some cases even tough ... A new type of women we know them mostly from photographs in glossy magazines. I wanted us to understand them. At least. This role can be said to be charged with "nature". I know many of this environment: those for whom social life - it is life. Their goal - not even "good marriage"; the main thing - that`s fit this glossy, colorful life. "


Due to its appearance Oksana Fandera long ago could be in the movies Russian Julia Roberts, only onaetogo she did not want to. That`s why she had to give up many empty proposals. Actress consciously sought the role, which looks absolutely did not matter. In each of his rare roles Oksana Fandera as it challenged the audience wishing uglyadet in her internal harmony, softness, lyricism.

Full understanding in this Oksana happened with her husband. Philip Jankowski went on a risky step, allowing his wife to be in the frame ugly. This is a sensational movie "The State Counselor" on the famous novel by Boris Akunin. In this film, he played the role of Oksana Fandera Needles - ideological suicide bombistki beginning of the last century.

On his heroine Oksana says: "We Akunin about my character is written," From a wealthy family. Dry lanky lady-perestarok. Pursed lips bloodless, dull hair, laid back in a tight knot. In the revolution of many. " Name it does not, only the party name: Needle. In a sense, my character - it is a trouble of the Russian. A girl from a prosperous family, which destroys the foundations of the state system. This is the path and Krupskaya and Inessa Armand, and many others ...

At Needles after all - inside. The lack of detail in the face ... There is an ideological core, it all keeps. Such a box, closed for the time being. It is clean and unhappy in their closeness. When the filming takes place in front of a conversation with the artist, in any of the actress appears quite natural desire to choose a costume that would be beneficial stressed your figure, any actress wants to change these costumes often ... I had only one request to the artist`s paintings - to, first, my dress was the most colorless, faint, dim. And, secondly, that the dress was the one and only in the whole movie. No makeup. Moment of disguises and changing hairstyles, I consciously and immediately proposed to delete the form to prevail over substance ... "

In this picture, I filmed a lot of movie stars of the first magnitude. To be honest, not all of them received good press. Oksana managed to not only not lost, but to be one of the best in the film.


A few words about Oksana Vander

Alain Khmelnytsky:

"She sincerely infects the fact that she is interested, give freedom to those who are close to her. Fandera - of the feline species. Even holding, holding. "

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