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Birthday : 19.04. 1934

Age : 80 years

Place of birth : MissuriData death : 20/10/2014 godaMesto death : Hartford, Connecticut, United States

Citizenship : SShARost : 196 smVes : 150 kg

Originalnoe name: Douglas Beyker

Original name: Douglas A. Baker

Death strikes Ox Baker

I began to engage in wrestling Douglas Baker in the form of a positive character ; with time, however,he turned into villains. At least twice went into battle against Baker wrestlers subsequently died - that villainous way it went very good.

Douglas Baker - American professional wrestler and actor ; It is best known under the pseudonym ` Ox Beyker` (` Ox Baker`).He was famous trademark finishing moves and no less original phrase ` I like to hurt people! `. He played in several films, such as ` Bloody tsirk` (` Blood Circus`) or ` Escape from New Yorka` (` Escape from New York`).

Baker was the oldest of five children; he started wrestling when he was still a schoolboy. Around the same time Douglas interested in boxing and football ; He is actively involved in sports at school, while it from this very school is not expelled. Subsequently, Baker for two years playing football in the army.

Douglas continued to engage in wrestling under the Austin Buddy (Buddy Austin), Pat O`Connor (Pat O`Connor) Goygol and Bob (Bob Geigel).Most of the fighting while Baker won, sending the opponent in his trademark knockout blow in serdtse` ` (` Heart Punch`) - later renamed ` Painful udar` (` Hurt Punch`). Rename corporate reception had not just - the name of Douglas borrowed from another wrestler, Stasiaka Stan (Stan Stasiak),and that at a certain point began to show their dissatisfaction with this fact. Baker initially posing as good in rural simpleton characteristic horn-rimmed glasses ; later, however, he turned into a villain and a pretty radical change of image. Shaved head and Baker remembered many black mustache ;another favorite image element Duglasastali sorts of shirts in which the wrestler wore before performances.

The 1967th Douglas Baker worked on the `World Wide Wrestling Federation`, speaking under the pseudonym ` Friendly Wall of Arkanzasa` (`The Friendly Arkansas Ox`).In his first match Baker paired with Armand Hussein (Armand Hussein), entered the fight with Gorilla Monsoon (Gorilla Monsoon). Subsequently, Douglas replaced a number of North American projects; because, among other things, he participated in the battles of the Canadian `Stampede Wrestling`, PuertoRican `World Wrestling Council` and work in the United States ` American Wrestling Association`.

On June 13, 1971, Baker and his partner `s Claw (Claw) fought on the championship team AWA Midwest; against them were Alberto Torres (Alberto Torres) and Cowboy Bob Ellis (Cowboy Bob Ellis).Torres during the match was seriously injured - and three days later he died. Despite the fact that the death of a wrestler called appendiceal rupture happened in a long time blamed Baker and his Beat - to - heart ; it is, however, to some extent benefit the villainous image of a wrestler. August 1, 1972, Baker lost certain Hankel Ray (Ray Gunkel);after the fight rival Douglas died in the dressing room - he was killed by a blood clot detached from the blow caused Baker hematoma and trigger a heart attack. Again, the death of the enemy further strengthened Baker brightness of the image. In 1974 Douglas even called in Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland,Ohio) formennyeesporyadki - he attacked without stopping his opponent a blow - in - heart even after the match.

In summary, Douglas Baker were winning at the major championships restlerskih ; so that in the battle for the title `World Wrestling Association` at heavyweight he defeated Cowboy Bob Ellisin the battle for the title of champion in the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship - Carlos Colon (Carlos Colon). Detroit version of the world title was the US heavyweights Baker, beating Sheikh (The Sheik). Several times Baker won the championship NWA - like the US level and at Texas. Successful Baker and team battles - with Ole Anderson (Ole Anderson) and Skandorom Akbar (Skandor Akbar) wrestler took the NWA champion and NWF, with Chuck O`Connor (Chuck O`Connor) - won the team championship in 1976- WWA th. Team Douglas and Superstar Billy Graham (Superstar Billy Graham) took the championship belt at the Florida NWA championship team.

Many Douglas Baker remembered his story of war with Randy Savage (Randy Savage) in the project `International Championship Wrestling`; this project belonged to Savage ,his father Angelo Poffo (father Angelo Poffo) and his brother Lanny Poffo (Lanny Poffo).

The main image of the villainous Baker was certainly in that period, but were in this principle and change - so, in the battle `Central States Wrestling` Douglas some time acted as a ` geroicheskom`. In 1988, Baker returned to the AWA;where he joined forces with a Russian hoodlum (The Russian Brute). A year later, Douglas opened his own restlerskuyu school, becoming quite well-known coach. Among students of Baker School were such famous wrestlers like Mark Keleuey (Mark Calaway) and Brian Clark (Bryan Clark).Some time Douglas appeared as a commentator on IWCCW measures - mainly in the early 90s.

In the movie, Douglas Baker was shot several times, though irregularly ; his acting career peaked in the late 70 `s - early 80`s. Inter alia,Baker starred in the film ` Big draka` (`The Big Brawl`) Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan) and acted as one of the opponents of the hero Kurt Russell (Kurt Russell) in` Escape From New Yorka` (` Escape From New York `) John Carpenter (John Carpenter). It was possible to play Douglas in the movie about professional wrestling ;the name of this film based on his trademark phrase, ` I like to hurt lyudyam` (` I Like to Hurt People`).

The 1981st Douglas Baker took part in a game show `The Price is Right`.

The 2006th operates in North Carolina indie band `Mountain Goats` released on Douglas Baker song ` Ox Baker Triumphant`.

In 2011-om Douglas Baker, published its own cookbook ; on the pages of this book have been published interesting recipes and a variety of Historical restlerskoy Baker`s career.

Douglas Baker, died October 20, 2014 in Hartford, Connecticut (Hartford, Connecticut); cause of death was complications after a heart attack

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