Otton Veseliy

Picture of Otton Veseliy

Date of Birth: 07/23/1301

Age: 37

Place of birth: Vienna

Citizenship: Austria


Otto was born on July 23, 1301 in Vienna. He was the youngest son of the German king and Austrian Duke Albrecht I and Elizabeth Goritsky, daughter of Meinhard II of, Duke of Carinthia and Count of Tyrol. After his father`s death in 1308 ascended to the throne of Austria older brothers Otto Frederick I and Leopold I. When Otto came of age, he also put forward a claim to share in the Austrian Succession. Mutinied against Frederick I in 1328, Otto made his transfer Hainburg in Lower Austria and the right to participate in the distribution of income from the Habsburg dominions. With the death of Frederick I in 1330, Otto was recognized Duke of Austria and Styria, dividing the throne with his brother Albrecht II.

In 1335, he died the last representative of the dynasty Goritsky Tyrol male Duke Henry VI. In accordance with the agreement in 1282 Carinthia passed into the possession of the Habsburgs. This was confirmed by Emperor Ludwig IV of, complained Otto Carinthia and South Tyrol as an imperial fiefs May 2, 1335 Although Tirol Otto hold failed (there strengthened the daughter of Henry VI, Margaret, Countess of Tyrol), he was crowned Duke of Carinthia, according to the ancient rite in the Slovenian Gosposvetskom field . In the future, Otto paid more attention to it in Carinthia, leaving the management of the actual Austrian lands to his brother Albrecht II.

Otto was busy promoting the religious life. He founded the monastery of Neuberg an der Murz in Styria, built the church of St George in Vienna. In 1337 Otto laid the knightly order Societas Templois to organize crusades in pagan Prussia and Lithuania. His nickname "Jolly" he received from the numerous festivals and entertainments organized his court.

The Duke died on February 17, 1339 in Neuberg them based.

Marriage and children

(1325) Elizabeth of Bavaria (1306-1330), daughter of Stephen I, Duke of Lower Bavaria

Frederick II (1327-1344) (not rules)

Leopold II (1328-1344) (not rules)

(1335) Anne of Luxembourg (1323-1338), daughter of John of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia