Otto Wallah

Picture of Otto Wallah

Date of Birth: 03/27/1847

Age: 83

Place of birth: Konigsberg

Citizenship: Germany


After graduating from high school in 1867, Vladimir entered the University of Gottingen, where he studied chemistry at the Friedrich Wohler. Classes began at seven o`clock in the morning and ended at five in the evening, after which the students often continued to work by candlelight. Despite such a rigorous course of study, B. finished his five semesters instead of relying eight and in 1869 defended his doctoral thesis on the position isomers in the toluene series.

Within a short time he worked as an assistant at the VA August von Hoffmann at Berlin University. In 1870 he became an assistant to the famous German chemist Friedrich August Kekule at Bonn University. In the same year, during the Franco-Prussian War, he was called up for military service. After military service B. going to work as a chemist in the Berlin company "fur aniline Aktyuen gezelydaft fabrikatsion