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In 1908-1912 gg. Otto Grotewohl studied at the printer. Upon completion of training, he joined the SPD. From 1918 to 1922 he was a member of the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany. In 1920-1930 gg. He was a member of the Landtag of Braunschweig SPD. In 1921, he also served as Minister of National Education of the Free State of Braunschweig, and in 1923 - the Minister of Interior and Justice. In 1925, Otto Grotewohl became a member of the Reichstag.

In 1933, with the coming to power of the Nazis, Otto Grotewohl was removed from his post and was forced to leave Brunswick. He moved to Hamburg. Since 1938 Grotewohl living in Berlin, was engaged in the trade of products and industry representation. He worked in a group of Resistance Erich Gniffke, whom he knew for more Braunschweig. In August 1938 Grotewohl was arrested and brought before the so-called "People`s Court" on the charge of treason. The process however was delayed for seven months.

The plaque on the former building of the department store in Berlin Jonas

The plaque on the former building of the department store in Berlin Jonas

July 17, 1945 Otto Grotewohl, Erich Gniffke, Max Fechner, Gustav Dahrendorf, German Garnish signed a proclamation calling for the establishment of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Grotewohl became chairman of the SPD Central Committee, and soon took the side of the party early association with the KPD. According to contemporaries - Egon Bahr and Jakob Kaiser - he changed his mind on the issue after a conversation, to which he was summoned to the headquarters of the Soviet occupation authorities in Karlshorst. Jakob Kaiser thought that was something that allowed him to exert pressure in the biography Grotewohl times Braunschweig.

March 31, 1946 after a heated debate prior intra-party vote among the members of the SPD was held in West Berlin. To the question "Do you support the immediate union of the two working parties?", More than 80 percent of voters said no. In East Berlin, a preliminary vote was conducted. However Grotewohl has initially been in favor of merging the two left-wing parties. Since April 22, 1946 in East Berlin at the Unity Congress merged with the SPD and the KPD to form a new party of the SED. Chairmen were elected Otto Grotewohl and former member of the KPD Wilhelm Pieck.

In 1948 Otto Grotewohl became chairman of the constitutional committee of the German People`s Council, the precursor to the GDR People`s Chamber. In 1949, Grotewohl was elected Chairman of the GDR Council of Ministers. Despite the equality of the party co-chairs, Pico led by the Soviet occupation authorities managed to achieve great power. A year later, Grotewohl G