Picture of Otep

Place of birth : Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship : United States


The idea of ??creation belongs to the team by the name of vocalist Otep.

Her voice - a sinister fury hurricane

which reeks on the felling of any non- trained listener. OTEP is a project / team / melting brain / movement / process; breaking the ground, breaking the rules and sound barriers. Aggressiveness. Beatings. Attacks. Pure Adrenaline.Death Metal, Emotional CORE, and Heavy Mental Rock.

To date, members of the community are:

Otep Shamaya - vocals, Tarver - guitar,

Spookie - guitar,

EViL J - bass,

Moke Daddy - drums.

Since 2001. Otep gaining popularity not only usebya at home, but also far beyond its borders.Their remarks himself Ozzy Ozbourne in consequence of which the group is invited to participate in the annual festival Ozzfest`2001. Where they act together with such korefemi "metal" scene like: Rob Zombie, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Mudvayne, Drowning Pool, Disturbed. .. This is the latest head growing on the "ingenuity Hydra".Their second album, House of Secrets (secrets of the house), produced by

Gregom Vel`som in Los Angeles at Rocket Carousel Studios in late 2003. Otep itself - a poet, a painter. "I am the conductor of chtoprohodit through me," Otep will tell you. When she began to bring their vision to implementation, to get art, ideas,and her poetry and bring them to life, she gathered all internal forces. She knows the scene on which it stands: metal arena. Metal - worldteeming with competitive testosterone. Think of Slayer. Think about Korn. Think about Slipknot. Think about any team. .. and you will not find one bit of girl in them)."Once I made it through the gate, it was odinokoemesto, and not because of my gender, because of the environment." But still, Otep continued. Formed in late 2000, in the abyss of the West Coast, the team was raging. Less than eight months as Sheron Ozbourne noticed and despite the fact that they had not entered into RECORD DEAL.Capitol RECORDS signed a contract with them not listening to the demo, because they were simply fascinated by their live performance. The result - a debut album Sevas Tra; -triumf, -mechta, -realnost.

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