Ostap Stupka

Picture of Ostap Stupka

Date of Birth: 09/02/1967

Age: 49

Citizenship: Ukraine

Ostap, whether included in your preparation for the project view previous versions of "Survivor"? Was there a leading, focused on you in your work?

- Sergei Bodrov - the only lead that I can remember in the Russian version of the format. He was the first, and so remembered. There is a general picture, there is a common understanding of the project, but no one was going to be, I do not. They have, as they say, their own wedding, we have - their own. Therefore, the main preparation for the project I have been immunized against fever and malaria prophylaxis (laughs). Already in the Panama viewed excerpts from the American show, but because we have other people, different languages, psychology, m Pioneering. And what would it be interesting to Ukrainian audience, it was necessary to create something of their own.

What is the problem at the leading reality show "Survivor"?

- It must be the master of the game. Make decisions, explain the rules to dictate terms to participants. But we need to be tough. The most widespread virus of all participants - they talk a lot, so during a break in filming had to make comments. I understand their condition, but rules are rules. If we do not stick to them - the collapse of the show. Therefore, in situations where a person has retired, not expecting this when he wanted to throw himself on the chest to the tribesmen, I had to say, "Sorry, your game is over." It`s hard, but in another way it is impossible.

Did you have your pets, rooting for someone?

- On the contrary, he tried to ignore. Of course, there were and sympathy, and antipathy to different players, but to show them I had no right. And at some point I do like everything stopped. The show came to an end, passions ran high, and people began to lick the outside is not the most positive features of the ...

That is, show weakness?

- Well, as you say ... In fact, this game - the psychological. In sane food can be found everywhere, so come to the fore not the physical and psychological survival. I think it brings a popular project. Viewers do not wonder if you have found a banana or not, whether the fish caught, fried snake ... Well, you ate it, and then what? But when the start of the coalition, friendship against someone, intrigue, and so on - that there is already getting hot.

That is, among the participants were not only druzheskieotnosheniya?

- Of course, it`s the law of the format. Otherwise not. No details - all in the air.

What you are interested in the project as the lead?

- Well, it`s a legend! On television I lucky to major projects, not fleeting, and those that the viewer look and remember. The same "first million". I have a long-standing relationship with the television, since high school, when I led the youth programs and wrote to me students from across the country. And "The Last Hero" - is all in the mind, all live. People are shown as they are, then it does not come out to play. They begin stresses, they lose weight 15-20 kg. When six months ago there was talk about the launch of this project, I was asked to become a member. But this extreme is not for me. Then it was proposed to conduct the project. The solution took three hours.

How was your first day of shooting? There were no stress?

- I was worried because I had to figure out how to behave with the participants. I was told that I should stay, as the owner, but the first steps are always hard to do. The same is true on the stage, you know that I must say, but still palpable as it is. In anticipation of filming the participants view files. We had to figure out who is who, remember all the names. What would then not have situations like: "hey, you, whoever you are, come here!". It is unacceptable. So the first day was good, and the rest - even better (laughs).

And physically you had a hard time or feel like in paradise?

- I am often asked: is not heavy? With the participants we were on opposite sides, but it does not mean that we have been easier. Each had its own problems. The crew saw to it that all was in order, build, filmed, recorded sound, organized, controlled. So I would not say that it was such a walk through Panama in the month and a half in length. Good practice for the profession and for the character, but no it does not rest.

One of the leading Russian said that the last hero - a program of decency and dignity. Your opinion?

- Everyone has their own concept of honesty and integrity. And because each has its own position on these postulates, its own truth and his way, already have conflicts. The problems began, and because of the little things, and because of the global issues in the tribe. I think our program - about courage. You have to be a brave man to get to where you at night and eaten by sand fleas are you to rend flesh. The program of endurance and integrity in relation to each other. But then there is a whirl ... oh!

Were there any relationship between the parties?

- Well, I did not live with them on the island, and certainly can not say. But rumors before I drifted. In such circumstances people manifested all present, and, of course, there arise the sympathies and antipathies.

How was it working with the creative team of the project?

- The guys are very responsible caught. Professionals who have more than one project took off around the world. The TV from France, Colombia, Russia, Argentina, Ukraine ... all on so much with love, positive, react with devotion to this project! A large number of cameras, cranes, helicopters, Underwater - it was very big and professionally. I spent six weeks in the positive, surrounded by wonderful people who enjoy their work. Infected with this power, and he went to the site with pleasure.

I know that the share of the operators went to no less testing than the islanders ...

- Yes, they had to walk for participants in the tracks, held together with them routes during the test run next. And perfectly know every stone that would not stumble and fall along with the camera in some nettles. All right, and it was great.

What are the dangers lurking on the island?

- The most unpleasant - it is this sand fleas - called Chitra. It is not visible, it is almost transparent, especially in the sand. And should you land on the island, as the legs start to slowly eats. We have something good came, filmed and left. And the operators? We returned to the hotel all bitten, and I`m not even talking about the participants. A terrible bites itch, you do not mosquito! Sprays help forty minutes. Sprinkle, I went to sleep, after forty one minute you have already eaten.

What are the most difficult trials were heroes?

- It seems to me, is the competitions associated with eating the most unpredictable food. Eyes fish, beetles, which still had to catch, kill and eat, because chtorazbegalis of the plate. And they did eat, and where to go - at stake is a million hryvnia.

As participants behave towards each other?

- Many have surprised me. There were clear leaders, which are then blown away, there were those who, retiring from the project, the chamber slandered fellow all he thinks, and not always censorship. I do not know whether it will show on the air. But men have always tried to be gentlemen against women, sometimes even to sacrifice themselves. For example, trying to give them fire, because women should have, but they can not do anything without fire.

What do you say to people who believe that it all - TV stuff, and the characters actually live in hotels?

- The show has a rating in the world, its popularity and history, because here everything is cruel, hard and real. Shoot for fun, there is no meaning, it will not be interesting. People who subscribe to participate, understand that you have to survive, that is not concessions. And, indeed, live on an island, build their own shack from the leaves ... Each went his own way and tried to prove that it is not for nothing was the first Ukrainian show - "Survivor."

In your opinion, the participants have changed after the show?

- Definitely. One and a half months without communication with the outside world, without even knowing what is happening on the neighboring island. I think people have started to appreciate the many things that did not pay attention earlier. Perhaps there are new priorities in life. I once showed a draft of the first edition of the project, where participants rode on a yacht, shaven, clean, eating fruit, drinking champagne. And then I came to the island and saw people with sunken cheeks, beards, chapped from the sun and wind, and the bodies of a completely new look. His eyes were completely different, and think a lot can be said.

Have you changed?

- I went back to Kiev and on the next day felt tired. So much negativity ... Very strong contrast. After all, there could even change your very nature. When you, for example, you see a few meters a whole family of whales. And there were whales - both in our cats. These huge, but decent and kind animals. Leaving the room, and hummingbirds fly around. Or the iguana is under a tropical downpour. All around, just have time to pay attention, and then sit down on that energy.