Oskar Gruzenberg

Picture of Oskar Gruzenberg

Date of Birth: 04/15/1866

Age: 74

Place of birth: LOTS

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Kiev in 1889. The jury District Attorney of the St. Petersburg Chamber. He was among the founders of the "right" of the newspaper, where in 1898 - 1901 years edited (with VD Nabokov) Criminal Division. The most famous Gruzenberg acquired as a criminal defense counsel, in particular - on political and literary matters. He defended a number of writers and public figures, such as Gorky, Korolenko, Ann`s, Peshehonova, Vengerov, Miliukov Petrazhitsky, Hesse, Chukovsky and others. He was in charge of the protection in the "Soviet of Workers` Deputies" (1906) and performed in the case of the Vyborg manifesto (in 1908, in the Senate). Gruzenberg also participated in a particular stage of production by the largest Jewish Affairs (the accusation of Jews in Orsha in the attack on the Christian population of the meaning religious hatred; the case of the Kishinev pogrom; Dashevskiy case, accused of attempted murder and Krushevan al.). Especially important is the matter D. Blondes, accused of attempted murder of a Christian girl, and has been suggested for the ritual purpose of the crime. Gruzenberg managed to appeal first (guilty) and the final sentence of justification Blondes. In 1911 - 13 years Gruzenberg conducted as an energetic struggle in the Beilis case of a similar nature. Equally remarkable performance Gruzenberg on cases before military courts (especially dealing Pirogov; about it Korolenko st in "Russian Theology".), Where he had the toughest conditions to fight for the life of the accused, and to save them. Gruzenberg Reputedly superior court orator. Despite the fact that his speeches are always treated with the greatest care the legal and factual material, he produces his tumultuous swiftness improvisations impression, and the stronger the impression they achieved. Along with this, Gruzenberg considered one of the experts in the theory and practice of Russian criminal law and, in particular, of the process. V. lib.