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Over thirty years of active career starred in 167 films and he shot 94 films.

Oscar was born in Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland, Ohio). Some time Apfel made a living by engaging in commerce ;later he decided to retrain as an actor. Oscar Apfel made his debut on the stage. For the first time in his new capacity Oscar tried his hand in 1900, in his native Cleveland ; over time it became clear that some acting ability he has. Apfel pretty quickly climbed up the career ladder ;soon he first tried his hand as a director and producer. Some time Oscar even considered the youngest US theater director.

Over 11 years Apfel worked on Broadway (Broadway), and then moved to `Edison Company`. It was engaged in directing Oscar - so it is to them in 1912m innovative at the time the short film `The Passer-By` was filmed. Some time Oscar worked in the experimental laboratory of Edison (Edison) in West Orange (West Orange, New Jersey).

Leaving `Edison Company`, Oscar joined the ` Reliance-Majestic Studios`; he stayed here only 18 months ,however, this was a relatively short period of relatively productive.

In 1913 Apfel has become one of the two leading producers `Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company`; all the first picture Jesse Lasky (Jesse L. Lasky) were taken under his leadership. Mate Oscar at the time he was Cecil de Mille (Cecil B. DeMille); It consideredthat work with Apfel most positive impact on his professional development.

It is believed that Apfel was one of kinodela who were able to celebrate Hollywood (Hollywood) for the whole world. According to legend, in Hollywood Apfel and de Mille settled during the filming of `The Squaw Man` - scenery is ideally suited for filming westerns ,and the other conditions - bright sun all year round and relatively cheap land - comply with the requirements of the directors to the fullest.

At the end of 1914 left from Apfel Lasky ; during the 20`s he worked under the direction respect of a number of different companies. knownthat while Oscar worked for the company `William Fox Corporation` - there he had to remove a series of paintings by William Farnum (William Farnum) in the title role.

From `Fox` Oscar went to ` Paralta Company`; here he took `A Man`s a Man` Peter Kain (Peter Kyne) and ` The Turn of a Card` c Warren Kerrigan (J. Warren Kerrigan) in the title role. In 1919 the world saw a picture `Auction of Souls`; this socio- educational film Apfel has attracted considerable attention - special screenings (which took place mainly in big hotels) collected solid crowds. Revelation as revealed in the film, a lot of help the cause as a whole - a donation to a good cause surged almost River. Not a bit less success enjoyed movies and Apfel taken for `World Film Corporation`; starring in them played Kitty Gordon (Kitty Gordon), Montagu Love (Montague Love), June Elvidzh (June Elvidge), Louise Huff (Louise Huff) and Evelyn Greeley (Evelyn Greeley).At the end of the life of Oscar Apfel he left the director`s chair, and he returned to acting path. Actively acting, he continued almost to the end of his days. Oscar Apfel Died March 21, 1938 th, in Hollywood, of a heart attack. At the time of the death of actor and director was only 60 years old.

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