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Place of birth: San Francisco, USA

Citizenship: United States


ORLONS (Orlons),American vocal quartet (later a trio) from Philadelphia. Finest hour group came in the first half of 1960, when she recorded for Cameo Parkway singles series successfully filled the vacuum dance after the boom subsided twist.

Initially the name of THE ORLONS belonged to the female vocal quartet,which has existed in one of the secondary schools in the 1958-59 Philadelphia. After this, the amateur part collapsed, its leader - singer Shirley Brickley (Shirley Brickley, p December 9th, 1944.) - He reorganized the group, but on a professional basis. It included Marlene Davis (Marlena Davis, p. 4 October 1944) and Rosetta Hightower (Rosetta Hightower, p. 23 June 1944). After the autumn of 1959 they were joined by bass Steve Caldwell (Steve Caldwell, p November 22, 1942.) They began to perform regularly - usually in the same program with a male vocal quintet THE CASHMERES, which soon became famous under the name THE DOVELLS. The leader of the latter,Len Barry, THE ORLONS led to the firm Cameo Parkway and helped to sign a contract, but neither I`ll Be True Marlene Davis in 1960, or Happy

Birthday 21 years later, were not successful. However, no group, no Barry did not lose hope, and in the end, their efforts were rewarded. Two years later, when the director of Cameo Bernie Lowe,first errand boy in the team of Dick Clark, then lucky pioneer Chubby Checker, hastily sought, being replaced by eroding the fashion of a twist, THE ORLONS, who at the time subsist mainly by the fact that they sang backing vocals on recordings by Dee Dee Sharp and Bobby Rydell, were the most that neither is a suitable candidate in the stars.In July 1962, they soared to the 4th row of the charts with an elegant and dynamic number Kal Mann and David Eppella The Wah WatusiWhich spawned a new surge of dance hysteria in the United States. Six months later the place The Wah Watusi in the same line taken constructed in the form of a telephone conversation Don`t Hang Up,and in March 1963 it completed a hat -trick of South Street, which became the anthem of Philadelphia fashionistas thanks to its nepodrazhaemo- naive title bar : Where do all the hippies meet? South Street! South Street! By the end of 1963 THE ORLONS twice visited the TOP20 : hits were Gary Not Me "Yu- Es " Bonds, and Cross Fire !,but in the future their success became less and less significant.

In 1964 the band recorded devoid of inspiration hit version of the old Bobby Lewis Shimmy Shimmy and equally disastrous single Bon Doo Wah, although the number from the last B, Don`t Throw Your Love Away, later in the same year topped the British charts by THE SEARCHERS.By this time, the fashion on the Philadelphia sound came to naught, Ball ruled the Motown musicians, and THE ORLONS decided to settle down in the wake for the next stars. The new sound formula is not implied male vocals, and Caldwell left the stage to do the management. A year later the group broke up and Marlene Davis,whose place was taken by a younger sister Shirley Audrey Brickley (Audrey Brickley). Zapisi THE ORLONS this period - Come On Down Baby Baby, No Love But Your Love, etc. - Clearly reminiscent of the style MARTHA AND THE VANDELLAS. After retiring from the group Cameo in 1965 without any significant results recorded for the Calla and ABC-Paramount.In one form or another THE ORLONS continued to exist until the end of the decade. In 1968 ,

when the band was on tour in Europe, Rosetta Hightower got married and decided to stay in Britain, where he later successfully performed in cabaret. Her departure was the beginning of the collapse of years of gruppy.Desyat THE ORLONS could not hear anything,and only in 1980, plus Shirley Jimmy Lewis (Jimmy Lewis) and Ella Webster (Ella Webster) brought to the stage a new version of the group, which in one form or another it existed until the end of the 80s, using the timeless success of nostalgic show.


Wah Watusi (CAMEO PARKWAY, 1962)

All The Hits (CAMEO PARKWAY, 1962)South Street (CAMEO PARKWAY, 1963)

Not Me (CAMEO PARKWAY, 1963)

The Orlon`s Biggest Hits (CAMEO PARKWAY, 1963) The Orlons AND The Dovells` Golden Hits (CAMEO PARKWAY, 1963)

Down Memory Lane (CAMEO PARKWAY, 1963)

Best Of The Orlons (LONDON, 1977)

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