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The two founders of the group,Casper (aka Geoff Turney) and John e. Necro, met in 1996 during a trip to the country with their common friends.

"At that time I met a woman, a bartender, and her best friend, also a girl, bartender, I met with John. So we met. As it turned out, we have with him was a lot of common interests. I played guitar in a local band,and he was an employee of "Island Records", and we somehow by itself the idea to stir up any musical project. John told me that he knew a sensible lad, with whom they had worked a bit, and he was soon the three of us organize our group. Everything turned out well, though, this guy (Matthew) I actually saw only two years ", - says Casper.John first became acquainted with his son-in Matthew, when he invited the sister to their family in the New Year 1996. It was found that Matthew also enjoys music and plays in a band. "At work I had to talk to hundreds and thousands of people from Ponte states" I play in a band, "" I write music, "etc. etc. Actually,it turned out that the guys just suffer nonsense, "- says John, -" But after talking to Matthew, I immediately realized that he was a sensible man, and we have agreed somehow work together, but at the time I did not even imagine myself, when I get a chance. "

"I have already had even forgotten about our agreement with John,when after the New Year, he called me and said, "Hey, remember I told you about a sensible boy, and so he is a week drove me to stay, we can, try finally, ch

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