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Birthplace : Berkeley, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


Operation Ivy - a group that has glorified unknown before this company Lookout! Records.The Operation Ivy participated vocalist Jesse Michaels (Jesse Michaels), guitarist Lint (then nicknamed Tim Armstrong, who, after the collapse of Operation Ivy founded Rancid band) , bassist Matt Freeman (Matt Freeman, he later also became a play Rancid) , and drummer Dave Mello (Dave Mello). At the time of the group all of them were 18-19 years old. Appearing in 1987 in Berkeley, California, the band began to play a revolutionary for its time, a mixture of traditional Jamaican ska and punk rock. While neither one nor the other was not common ; Mr. vocalist T Experience recalls, " they were all obsessed with heavy metal music and wanted to play and to listen only to him."Operation Ivy laid the foundation for a new wave of ska, closely interwoven with other styles (in this case with punk) . They mixed the weak beat ska guitar, walking bass style " rocksteady " and a very fast rhythm. Some called this style " ska -core. " Most of the songs Operation Ivy was still closer to the ska, even though they did not have a brass section. The musicians spoke about this as follows: " As it happens. In principle, in the Bad Town song we used brass, besides a pair of concerts we had a saxophonist. But the constant wind instruments we did not, although it may last for a group of longer, everything would be different. The band played and punkrock in its purest form in such, for example, songs like Hoboken and Sleep Long. Lyrics follow the punk category (non-conformism, think with your head, do not forget to have fun - it is necessary to hear the most, I would say the theme of " political- philosophical " songs Operation Ivy).

One year later, the band was extremely popular in parts of the coast of California ,referred to as the East Bay (East Bay). They released their first and only album Energy. For 1989 it was sold out only a few thousand copies of the album, but after 9 years it has acquired a cult status and has sold over 500 thousand copies.

This success is probably the result of the aura of mystery ,which was created after the band broke up in 1989. Besides vocalist Jesse Michaels was out of sight, Buddhism allegedly carried away and went to Tibet. The reasons for the collapse were not disclosed, but it is assumed that participants in Operation Ivy did not want to listen to accusations of " corruption " (a large company just offered them a contract for another 2 albums) . Lint (Tim) and Matt put together a band Rancid, who left in the direction of punk rock, and has gained immense popularity over time. Drummer Dave stepped group Schlong.

A few years later, Jesse Michaels sent in Lookout newspaper! Records open letterin order to dispel the numerous and mostly improbable rumors about the reasons for the collapse of Operation Ivy, and about his own fate. It turned out that the band broke up mainly because of internal conflicts. As for Jesse, he suffered from alcoholism for about 3 years, but then he was " sick of waking up in a pile of vomit ," and he really became interested in ZenBuddhism, but he did not leave from California, and attended the San Francisco Zen Center (it is necessary to mention that different publications claimed that he left : 1) in Nicaragua ; 2) to South Africa ; 3) to India) . Then Jesse " tired of being cold in the street at 4 am in a silly gown ," and he slowly returned to the company Lookout !, becoming a full-time artist.Besides, at the moment he plays and sings in the band Common Rider.

In conclusion, I would like to quote the words of Jesse Michaels, printed on the spread of the album Energy: " Music - is a hidden force pushing for change since it gives hope in the face of human tragedy. It helps make the world more united. At certain points, Some concerts, this world is already here. Group Operation Ivy was very lucky - they were able to experience this feeling. In those few seconds it becomes clear that the energy that moves forward subculture, much more important than any single group. This energy exists because peoplewho continue to be concerned and keep perseverance and hope. "

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