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Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


At first there were four. Quartet nigger boys.

Skvernoslovnye speech disadvantaged in their legal rights of blacks ,gangster mentality and difficult childhood participants in the New York rap team from the outset awakened already morbid imagination of young rap fans in America, as in Britain. No wonder ONYX style once identified as hardcore gangsta rap (or porn gangsta rap) .

At first there were four. Quartet nigger guys were as follows:Contact Fingaz (Sticky Fingaz)

Fredro Starr (Fredro Starr)

Suejv (Suave)

Big Di Es (Big DS)

Vyrossie triste in the southern part of the famous New York Rite quarter Queens (this uznuu part nazyvaut more "South Suicide Queens " by ogromnomu count of soversennyh there Suicides) . A vstretilis they vulgare in hairdressing salon. Life in the ghetto was like a bad dream (of course, black and white, rarely gray and mostly merciless and hopeless) , which seemed to last an eternity. There was one powerful tool that is at a time to pluck our heroes of everyday life from the dead loop - is hip- hop.

RUN-DMC,LL Cool J and BEASTIE BOYS were damn popular in the late 80`s early 90`s, and the ONYX future members, as well as many black teenagers America, perceived their songs to heart. The whole four was then about 20, and they spoke with their self-made rap in different parks of your neighborhood. Why only her ,understand any modern teenager - in another quarter, you could, at best, to beat, at worst - deprive of life by accident. In addition, other people`s problems very few people are interested in, and a desire to show off to the public perceived as a mockery and immediately suppressed fists older. But when Kompashki appeared marijuana or something stronger, Gave the first young. They are easier and faster to get used and sit on the needle, and then became very violent and uncontrolled in search of bucks for the next dose. After all these terrible break-up took place future members of ONYX and began to do the same aggressive ruthless rap.

Writing only one single, "Ahh,And We Do It Like This " (probably in imitation of RUN-DMC and the famous " It`s Like That ") on the " left " label Profile Records, in search of ONYX contract turned to RUN-DMC, and, as it turned out, at the following address. Jam Master Jay believed talent and gave them a chance to become famous. at first contract with Columbia Records was designed to release a single.He then transformed in EP release (which is longer than the duration of a single, but shorter than full-length album) , which ended with the release of their debut album ONYX "Bacdafucup" eventually. And what an album !. .

Many thought at the time that another revolution (at least a third were deemed old fans) rap music if transferIt is not soon. ONYX But she failed so rapidly that the number of their fans has exceeded one million in the first month after its release. Naturally, the album was a " multi-platinum ", its authors - the stars (incidentally, the name of their team also has a shade cosmic) . In general, in his brilliant debut album caused a ONYX same specific feedback about themselves. The authoritative American magazine "The Source", for example, described it as " extreme internal review of stupefying ugliness of modern life the so-called waste outwardly prosperous American society "and " Billboard " found a more accurate description of ONYX music. Its columnist wrote that " the ONYX is not really just do rap violent, they seemed to puke his dismissive belch at face white racists and specifically on " uschemiteley " the rights of the black population of America."

Not surprising,that from the beginning we found a ONYX mass support among the black population, and music publications and television turned to face them, so in order to please their readers tangible army. At the dawn of the American oniksomanii group became known, and the British fans of rap. I rememberat their first London concert in the hall gathered so obsessed fans that have not yet accustomed to fame ONYX frankly embarrassed, but were canceled, and in the hall, no one thought subside. There`s a real riot broke out in defense of the oppressed niggas America.

But there were at this rap crews and rabid enemies, who sought podkovyrkoy longto formally oppose such music, and soon found the anti-religious elements in the songs of ONYX. In addition, in the early `90s America storm on the grounds of religious debate between the main political forces, which explains the confusion in the relations within the religions ,between them and the persecution of anti-religious speech from the fanatical believers. For ONYX this resulted in the cancellation of several concerts and even in the ritual burning of a certain number of entries church leaders in New Haven.

Oil poured into the fire and careless policy - climbers, for whom the truth was less importantthan their pre-election promises. Many respectable politicians like Bob Dole, William Bennett and Delores Tucker, openly took up arms against rappers, accusing them of almost all the existing problems of concern to the American public. But to their credit ONYX I fought a much more powerful arguments in defense of rap commune. Their main slogan wasThat " during its existence, hip- hop has gained more supporters and followers than Jesus Christ himself. Therefore, if some asshole wants to put the blame on him all the mortal sins and blame their own political miscalculations, they will have to compete with all those It supports this music and these views. " That, in the opinion of rappers ,are not only black, white and other colored. Because hip- hop for all and he called only one revolution - just list the rights, duties and freedoms of all people, regardless of skin color. The Government and the Congress by all means want to get away from solving this problem ,and their eternal vibrations " for" or " against " only annoy ordinary people.

The names of the early songs, promoted the cult of violence, obscene language and exhibited their perpetrators typical gangsta rappers. Why are only "Blac Vagina Finda", "Throw Ya Gunz" and thrash - rap "Slam"! These negros vengeance proud of themselves when they said ,that " they`re smoking weed and thumps every night. " At the beginning of his work ONYX took its simplicity, proximity to the black people, but sometimes much reduced to primitiveness. The ratio of all things, they expressed numerous " fakami " and their favorite phrase, and at the same time the message was : "We are ONYX and we do not give a flying motherfucking fuck".A kind of black nihilism.

It was only the second album they have learned to express their thoughts quite worthy masters of ways. Since its debut battles took two years and a slightly changed line-up. The army left the Big Dee Es and Sueyv picked up a new nickname Sony Siza (Sonee Seeza).The second album ONYX "All We Got Iz Us" brought the remaining three on the new frontiers of honoring their talent and, of course, was a step forward. This album produced the rappers themselves, and in all major indicators it reached its predecessor, sales, and even surpassed it in meaning. Well, it`s the same black history of the realities of their world ,but even more controversial than ever. The "Last Dayz" Sticky Fingaz Rapp on the line between dirty life and attempted suicide. He says he keeps his life in the balance, and fears that there, in hell, not sell drugs, and he would be engaged in this, because the devil inside him. " Sadly, of course, but a fact.An hour later the same ONYX sing praises brave, but alive and launch into the air "Maintain" antisuitsidny final hymn.

But I want to believe that the main thrust of the album in a small composition "All We Got" - rappers talk about the streets where they grew up as one large life conflict, where nobody can be trusted, where you have to be strong ,otherwise you will crush strength. After all, no matter what happens, we must rely only on themselves. And all that they have - it is they ! ("All we got iz us!").

Needless to say, these rappers have become wise, but because they just 20, and two -thirds life wits gain, the bumps fill (unless, of course, not slapped on the street). Therefore, it is deservedly popular ONYX rose by 1995 to catastrophic proportions. They even put on the comics page. Incidentally, the comic " Fight " was developed by the rappers and the idea had to answer in the end the question: " What rapper in the devastated nuclear catastrophe in New York ? ". ONYX founded his own label Armee Records and immediately released debut album of a young rap - team ALL-CITY, which they sang "Ghetto Mentality" on their second album.

All three members of ONYX received tempting offers to star in movies and in 1995-96 expanded our track record of participation in several paintings of the average budget. Sticks has appeared in the credits of the famous political thriller "Dead Presidents" and together with Fredro starred in Spike Lee`s film "Clockers" and in the movie "Strapped". In addition, in February 1996, Fredro appeared together with Denis DeVito on the set of a basketball blockbuster "Sunset Park".

During these two years, they think, well rested. In his first interview in 1998 the trio officially announced his return soon and plans for the future. " The music industry at the moment is heading nowhere, which makes ONYX go back and restore the celebration of street music, rap has always been a way ", - said one Sony Siza. " Hip - hop turntables moved to the streets ,and music became known to many - echoed Fredro. - Hip - hop - a hooded flannel, Adidaska and sneakers. Today it is considered not in a rush to go to a club in the hood, and hip- hop is played only inside these clubs. " Return of hip - hop back to where he was, in fact, has come, the ONYX and try in his new album " Shut `Em Down ", issued March not ,as planned, and 21 April (six years after the first ONYX left New York to with RUN-DMC and KRS-One to make the first tour) .

Rappers are confident that their new album consisting of 15 songs, will rise to a new level of rap. In their third album they put collaborations with Nas and WU-TANG CLAN and assured his fans that he will be less black and politicized than the first two disk groups.

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