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Year of birth : 2008

Age: 7 years

Place of birth : California, United States

Citizenship : United States

BiographyMusic duo combines elements of rock, punk and rap. In July 2008, `One Day As A Lion` released their debut self-titled EP and planned in 2009 to release the next album, but before the release of the case has not yet reached.

`One Day As A Lion` - California American musical project, which started in 2008 thanks to the rapper ,poet and musician Zack de la Rocha (Zack de la Rocha), vocalist `Rage Against the Machine`, Theodore and John (Jon Theodore`, former drummer ` The Mars Volta`. Music duo combines elements of rock, rap and punk. in July 2008, `One Day As A Lion` released their debut self-titled EP and planned in 2009 to release the next album ,but before the release of the case has not yet reached. The third member of the team at the concert performances became Joseph Karam (Joseph Karam), keyboardist from `The Locust`.

Zack de la Rocha and Jon Theodore had known for several years before formed their group.Zach was very impressed by the skill of John as a drummer, and compared it with Briton John Bonham (John Bonham) of `Led Zeppelin` and famous jazz drummer Elvin Jones (Elvin Jones), who have spoken in the quartet of John Coltrane (John Coltrane). The duo began playing together in the hall for rehearsals ,owned by their mutual friends - Theodore on drums and de la Roca on the old electronic piano `Rhodes Mark 1`. His team must name a notorious black-and- white photograph of graffiti, made in 1974 by photographer George Rodriguez (George Rodriguez). The inscription on it reads : `It`s better to live one day as a lion,than a thousand years as a lamb` (It is better to live one day, a lion, lamb than a thousand years) . In turn, the basis for threatening graffiti served as a slogan popular in fascist Italy (Italy) 30 - ies of the last century. Pretty soon the young artist wrote a number of songs and signed a contract with the label `ANTI-`,one of which is owned by guitarist `Bad Religion` Gurevits Brett (Brett Gurewitz).

July 16, 2008 song `Wild International` became available for download on the page group in MySpace, and the song premiered on Australian youth radio station Triple J and American KROQ radio. Debut EP group`One Day As A Lion`, consisting of five tracks total length of 20 minutes 20 seconds, was released on July 18, 2008 in Australia (Australia), and four days later in the United States (United States), and also appeared on iTunes. October 7, 2008 came rarity vinyl version of the EP. In the first week it sold nearly 17 million copies ,which is very good for a mini - album and EP took the 28th place in the chart `Billboard 200`.

August 11, 2008 Zack de la Rocha told `Los Angeles

Times` about the new project, giving his first interview for 8 years. He said that a full album release is planned for the autumn of 2008, and said that the participants `One Day As A Lion` want to play live concerts ,be a full band and a little bit to make some noise. He also mentioned the intention to expand the group, adding that the team is still in the formation stage, and they need a talented keyboardist, Zac because he is not good enough to play to all the parties.

1 June 2010 `One Day As A Lion` announced on his page on MySpace,In July they will perform at their first concert at the festival `Fuji Rock Festival`. On July 17 and 18, a group for the first time performed live in Pomona, California (Pomona, California), with the participation of Joseph Karam `The Locust` keyboards. Currently, it is unclear whether Karam became a permanent member of the group, or it was a one-off event. In addition, it was announced that the group will make a national tour of Australia at the festival `Soundwave Festival` in early 2011 as the third headliner, after ` Iron Maiden` and `Queens Of The Stone Age`. The Group also confirmed its participation at the festival `Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival` in April 2011

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